Leg pain symptoms that are brought on by back issues

Without a doubt, you put a lot of stress on your legs during your life, which causes general wear and strain that might cause pain. Though not all causes of leg pain stem from problems with the lower extremities’ joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, or cartilage.

Every time you move your body, you could get an electric jolt that shoots down your leg. This could be the result of a back issue. Our orthopedic surgeons at Texas Spine Consultants in Addison and Plano, Texas, are experts in spine health and assist many patients in finding relief from their leg pain by addressing the underlying back issue that is causing the leg pain to travel.

Back pain is typically brought on by improper sitting or standing positions, overworked muscles, or an injury. Rest and light exercise are two examples of self-care options, that may also be recommended. If you’re in any sort of pain, you can quickly feel better with generic for Lyrica 75mg

We wish to discuss with you the sorts of leg pain that are genuinely caused by a back condition in order to spare you from needless testing and treatment of your legs.

Describe your leg discomfort

No matter whatever region of the body they touch, pain sensations might vary greatly. The discomfort might be sporadic, persistent, or dull. However, the sort of discomfort you experience in your legs may assist identify its cause.

Leg discomfort might be coming from your back if you experience any of the following signs:

  • leg pain that travels down it
  • Your leg muscles are weakened.
  • Feeling of tingling, numbness, or burning down your leg
  • indications of pain that are exclusive to one leg
  • You feel an electric zap down your leg.
  • Having trouble walking

Not every one of these symptoms may be present in you. Instead of seeking therapy for your legs, however, it may be time to see Texas Spine Consultants for a spine and back assessment if any of these symptoms apply to the sort of leg pain you are now experiencing.

back issues that result in leg discomfort

Almost everyone experiences lower back discomfort at some point in their lives. Your lumbar spine, which bears a large portion of the weight of your upper body, is located in this region of your back.

Degeneration of the discs, ligaments, cartilage, and vertebrae that make up your spine is brought on by ageing and the strain of your body weight. Your lower back discomfort and your leg pain are frequently brought on by these degenerative changes. Leg discomfort brought on by back issues includes:


You can have sciatica if your back discomfort travels down your buttocks and into one of your legs. The sciatic nerve, a strong sensory and motor nerve that runs from your lumbar spine down your buttocks and into your legs on both sides of your body, becomes inflamed or pinched, resulting in this frequent pain problem. The most frequent causes of sciatica are herniated discs and bone spurs.

vertebral stenosis

You may have spinal stenosis if you have pain or cramps in one or both of your legs after prolonged standing or walking. The space inside your spine narrows in this common lower back problem, pressing on the nerves that pass through it. Spinal stenosis symptoms typically get worse over time.

Dystrophic disc disease

Degenerative disc disease does not always occur, even though disc degeneration is a normal part of ageing. The most typical sign of degenerative disc degeneration is back pain, but your discs’ changing condition might also result in discomfort that extends to your legs. Alternatively, leg weakness or foot drop might result from nerve root injury. You may save money on generic Lyrica when you buy it online from Smartfinil. This medicine will be available in places like the Us and UK.

Getting relief from leg discomfort

You may acquire the therapy you want to relieve your discomfort and enhance the health of your back after you identify the back issue that is producing your leg pain. At Texas Spine Consultants, we focus on the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders and provide a variety of leg pain treatments, such as:

  • treatment of pain
  • Physical exercise
  • massage treatment
  • A epidural anesthesia
  • blocked nerves

Our orthopaedic spine surgeons employ the latest cutting-edge minimally invasive procedures, such as the XLIF® lateral interbody fusion, to remove the discs aggravating your nerves, even though surgery is often the last choice for the treatment of leg pain.

Leg pain need not indicate an issue with your leg. Call Texas Spine Consultants or make an appointment online right away if you believe your symptoms are more indicative of a back issue than a leg issue. visit site

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