List of All December Holidays Around The World

December is regarded as the most joyous and joyful month worldwide. The month of December is commonly referred to as “World of Holidays.” Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, the Winter Solstice, and many other major holidays are observed throughout December. The winter holidays, often known as a list of all December holidays, are full of festivities, some of which are traditional and others which are just for fun. Around the world, December is celebrated with a variety of occasions, including religious, cultural, and business gatherings. In the section below, we’ve explored a few of the global holidays observed in December.

Global festivals and list of all December holidays

It might interest you to know that some of our Santa Claus customs actually originated on St. Nicholas Day. Look at the list of December Global Holidays below to learn about additional intriguing holiday occasions.

1. Hanukkah (10-18 December)

Jewish holiday Hanukkah is observed from December 10 through 18 each year. On the 25th day of the Hebrew calendar’s month of Kislev, this joyous day begins. That falls on December 10, which is a Thursday this year.

What is Hanukkah? – It serves as a reminder of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire, which saw the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.A menorah, a candlestick with nine branches, is lit to celebrate Hannukah. The majority of Jews often observe Hanukkah in a similar manner to how Christians observe Christmas. They feast, exchange gifts, and latkes, an oil-based dish, are particularly well-liked.

2. Yule (21 December – 1 January)

Yule is another holiday celebrated in December (also known as Yuletide). With pagan roots, primarily in the Norse god Odin and the Anglo-Saxon festival of Modraniht, it is a holiday observed by the Germanic people. These days, this holiday is more like Christmas, with gatherings for meals and gift-giving. Many Christmas customs, including the yule log, have their origins in this celebration. Most followers of Heathenry and other Neopagan religions celebrate Yule.

3. Christmas (25 December)

The birth of Jesus Christ is widely commemorated on December 25 by people all around the world. How did this particular day come to be? This day was chosen because it fell on the Roman calendar’s winter solstice. In reality, nobody knows exactly when Jesus was born. Christmas is sometimes celebrated on December 24th, and in certain cultures, it’s even celebrated in January. People give gifts, gather with family for meals, and adorn trees in their homes on Christmas Day.

Final Thoughts

December International Holidays: It’s that time of year again when music from celebrations fills the air. People gather to celebrate during the holiday season in December. What makes December so unique, you might wonder? In the interim, everyone in the world looks forward to the wonderful month of December. Talk about enjoyable parties, relaxing at resorts, getting together with loved ones, Thanksgiving dinners, etc. Everything is in December. You can also become a little confused about what’s coming up when because there are so many December Global Holidays. In order to facilitate your preparation, we will mention a few of these holidays below.

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