List of best flower garlands to choose for wedding ceremony

The flower is one ingredient in décor that you may use uttermost creatively to improve the beauty of the event. And that is why, be it a wedding ceremony or baby display. Flowers are utilized everywhere. The occasion heavily influences the floral design and style. People typically select the size, kind, and color of the flowers for decorating based on the party’s theme. Most traditions in an Indian wedding revolve around flowers, which are often used for décor. The genuine essence of any Indian wedding is represented by the rituals performed during the event. The bride and groom exchange flower garlands during the jaimala or varmala ritual to signify their acceptance of one another as they can order flowers online. One of the most crucial ceremonies for each Indian Hindu wedding is the jaimala ceremony.

Flowers have long been a significant emblem in South Indian culture’s festivities. Flowers are utilized extensively in an Indian wedding, from the decorations to the bride’s flower accessories. Varmala, or the passing of bridal garlands, holds a unique position in south Indian wedding rituals. These fresh flower garlands are beautiful and pleasant and have religious significance. The entrance is the initial point that draws the attraction of the visitors. Therefore, it is crucial to adorn the entrance elegantly. Using flower arches of various sizes is one of the best methods to adorn the entrance of a party location. Garlands make lovely decorations for doors. The most incredible way to decorate buffet tables is with centerpieces since they enhance the overall design of the setup. Different flowers can be used to embellish tables beautifully as you can now easily send flowers to Gurgaon. 

With the help of a lovely flower bouquet arrangement, you can easily give guests a special welcome. It is always best to decorate carpets with flower petals if you are planning a big party and want to add a royal and elegant touch. Selecting the ideal garland has undoubtedly become more difficult due to the various colors and combinations, as well as the use of both fake and genuine flowers. We’ll make this part simple for you, so don’t worry.

Here are 8 eye-catching flower garlands for Indian weddings

Royal roses

Most garlands feature rose petals to give grace. However, this one is special and is included in our list of flower garlands for Indian weddings. Big red flowers are the epitome of love and care, so if you’re searching for a classic garland with a modern twist, this one from the list of flower garlands for Indian weddings is a fantastic choice.

Blessed with Lotus

Pick such lovely flower garlands for Indian weddings if you want a distinctive garland. Lotus is considered to be the most sacred flower in Indian culture since it is the flower of the Goddess and represents both love and spirituality. Giant lotuses in thread make for one of the hottest garlands presently. You can order flowers online to make garlands with beautiful lotus flowers.

Vibrant garlands

If you’re looking for the ideal flower garlands for Indian weddings, all you need to do is look for a vibrant combination of flowers. Flowers with orange, red, and off-white hues strung together with grass rings represent love and joy.

Tubular garland

If you and your partner are among the modern couples who want modern touches in every aspect of your wedding, including the décor and garlands, this white tubular Varmala is ideal! If you want flower garlands for Indian weddings with a contemporary twist, the mix of white threads with vibrant floral rings surrounding it is a perfect choice. Now send flowers to Gurgaon from different cities in India.

Classic white

If you’re looking for beautiful white garlands, this may be the one for you because of its unparalleled splendor. The white mala with rings of grass and pink flowers emphasizes purity, making this an ideal choice if you are looking for flower garlands for Indian weddings.

Combining pink and green

Follow the example of this astute bride and pick a garland that boosts your entire appearance while enhancing the color of your clothing. Pink lilies and green grass perfectly capture the feelings of joy and purity. Real flowers are frequently chosen because of their scent and freshness.

Garlands of tulsi

Some of you might not be aware of Tulsi garlands’ significant role in South Indian brahmin wedding customs. One of the most promising plants for all Indian weddings and rituals is holy basil, also known as Tulsi. This garland’s holiness and cleanliness are unsurpassed if you’re seeking flower garlands for Indian weddings with a religious touch.

Lovely orchids

When choosing flower garlands for Indian weddings, consider using fresh colors to make a statement. Instead of using traditional colors, choose an unconventional look like this one. On your wedding day, you will adore exchanging a gorgeous garland with your fiancé that symbolizes luxury and royalty made of anemone, lilies, and statice.

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Final Words

Your garland needs tailoring just as your clothing does. Decide on the garland’s size and pattern before choosing it, and try it out beforehand because a heavy garland will be challenging to carry throughout the entire event. Check the designs that the vendors have recommended as well. By bearing these minor details in mind, you can create a fabulous garland that will shine brightly on your outfit and during your wedding.

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