Live Vs. Pre-recorded Music

Today, we exist in a time where almost every song that has ever been or will ever exist can be accessed with the touch of a mouse. Because there are so many fantastic recordings to choose from, it nearly gives the impression that live music is becoming extinct. No matter how far we get with our technological development, there is no substitute for the experience of live music. My opinion is that live music has an edge in two primary areas, which are as follows: Effective acoustics and Emotion

Acoustics- Vinyl records provide a warmer sound than digital recordings made with an MP3 player, as any connoisseur will tell you. Vinyl is an analogue media, which means that it leaves an exact impression of the music as it record. On the other hand, MP3s digital, which means that they an approximation that is translated via a computer.

When paired with iPhone Speakers that aren’t very powerful or headphones that aren’t very high-quality

music simply doesn’t sound that great. MP3s condense, which suggests that they unable to provide a broad variety of dynamism and frequencies as the actual performance would’ve had. This is because of the loss of frequency information. If you want to listen to some amazing music, listen to New Zealand music

If listening to music on vinyl is enjoyable, how well does being at a live performance stack up? When a listener is physically there with the artist, they have a more entrained physiological reaction to the music of varying speeds and moods than when they listen to a record of the same performance. This show by research. Even when we are just passively observing, rather than actively taking part, we experience the music to a greater degree. Without the limitations of microphones, wires, mixers, recording stations, CDs, iPhones, and earbuds, the waves of sound have a direct influence on our bodies.

Emotions- Even though we may have strong feelings for some recordings when it comes to life’s milestones

we almost always choose to celebrate with live performances of our favourite songs. Heading to the altar at a wedding to the music of a string quartet; during a funeral. All of the mourners sing an emotional song together. There is a purpose behind why churches go to such great lengths to decorate for Christmas and Easter.

Not only can live music have a greater emotional effect but it can also adapte to different settings. During MRI exams, listening to live bands demonstrate to greatly decrease anxiety and boost comfort levels.

Music therapists often find themselves working in environments that very heat emotionally. If I were to play a tape, it would always have the same sound. But if I were to perform live. I could adjust my sound to fit the environment. I can take a “happy” tune and speed it up to create an atmosphere of calm. I may speed it up and add aggressive elements to offer an outlet for repressed sentiments of rage.

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