McLeod Ganj is considered one such place which is favored by all the daredevils and other trekkers who wish to delve deep into the ocean of adventure. There are several places which provide such mesmerizing views for all the people who visit here. Because of all these beautiful sights, this place is a perfect weekend destination.

1. Triund

While visiting here you must be aware of certain things. You need to have your spiked boots to trek here since this is a place that is covered with snow. Can you imagine the excitement one will get while trekking through these rocky mountains which are covered completely with snow? Here you will enjoy the serene beauty of nature as well. Triund is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh and you can reach it here from the Gullu temple. From there you can trek through these Triund areas. This trek is situated very close to Dharamshala as well.

2. Bhagsu Falls

While trekking through the Triund trek how can one get back without enjoying the heavenly beauty of Bhagsu Falls? This Bhagsu Falls, with cold water, originates from the peak of the mountains and flows continuously through McLeod Ganj. There are different restaurants available for you to have food here. This Bhagsu Fall is situated nearby Dharamshala, that is, near the Gunna Devi temple. A person who is considered to be a nature lover will enjoy visiting this place. One can reach here very easily since these falls are situated only a few kilometers from McLeod Ganj market. Trekking is also available here. This will also be a great place for one to visit.

3. Dharamkot

In Dharamkot, you will be truly mesmerized viewing this paradise. This is because Dharamkot is such a place that is more like the heart of Himachal Pradesh. It has such a heavenly beauty and this town is very famous for yoga. The town is also known as the Yoga Village of McLeod Ganj and this is located exactly at McLeodGanj nearby Dharamshala. From McLeod Ganj, only a few kilometers of travel is required to reach Dharamkot. If you are such a person who enjoys exploring places, then you can walk through here, or else you can seek the help of any rides.

4.  Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake is yet another place that adds more beauty to McLeod Ganj. It can be considered an ornament that provides such heavenly beauty to this serene place. The Kareri Lake, because of its natural beauty, is allowing every person who visits here to go and take photographs as per their wish. Also, Kareri Lake offers such a perfect landscape for the people who visit here for picnics. This is located in the Kangra district of Dharamshala and to reach Kareri Lake trekking will be more suitable.

5.  Minkiani Pass

A large number of treks, as well as hikes, get started from this particular town of McLeod Ganj. There are such great highlights of visiting this particular place. Minkiani Pass is also such a great trek route that the people undertake. This is situated in Kangra. From McLeod Ganj, you can easily reach Minkiani Pass either as an individual trekker or you can join a group of trekkers who already started their trekking from the town itself.

6.  Namgyal Monastery

This particular monastery has various collections of Tibetan tapestry. This is such a holy and spiritual place that people used to visit. The people who visit here experience a calm atmosphere and peace as well. This monastery is also known by the name, Dalai Lama’s temple. This is also located nearby Dharamshala.

7. Dal Lake

This lake has a specialty because of the deodar trees which are grown nearby. This is yet another serene place in McLeod Ganj. Visiting this lake will make people think of visiting Dal Lake which is situated in Kashmir.

8. Kangra Fort

This Kangra Fort was built during the ruling period of the Katoch dynasty. This is such an ancient fort and it gives glory to the ancient architecture of India. This Kangra Fort is situated in Old Kangra.

9. Dhauladhar Ranges

The Dhauladhar ranges are the favorite spot of trekkers. Trekking through these dense valleys will be such a great experience that one will never forget soon in his or her life.

10. Indra Har Pass

Indra Har pass is known to be the border between two districts in the Himalayas. Those two districts are Chamba and Kangra. This is situated in Dhar Alangari. Trekking can be performed here as well starting from Dharamshala.

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