5 Tips For Buying Men’s Wear From Men’s Wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse has been an upstanding, dependable place to buy men’s clothing since 1983. But the brick-and-mortar store can be a bit intimidating to new shoppers. Especially if you’re outfitting an entire office or family. Don’t sweat it; we’ve pulled together some tips on how to buy from Men’s Wearhouse. That will help make your shopping experience quick and enjoyable from start to finish. Let’s get started!

1) Buy clothes in your exact size

It sounds like an obvious rule of thumb. But most people tend to buy clothes that are too big for them. If you’re looking for a decent fit at men’s wearhouse, keep your exact size in mind. The last thing you want is to get pants that fall down after every wash. Take these five tips into consideration before shopping for men’s wear at Men’s Warehouse. That way, when you look good you know it!

2) Avoid buying suits online if you can’t try them on

If you’re purchasing a suit or tuxedo, don’t order it online if you can’t try it on first. There are certain fit and style elements that are impossible to assess without actually trying on your purchase. The wrong size alone can render even an expensive, expertly-tailored suit unwearable. You’ll save yourself tons of time and money by visiting a Men’s Wearhouse store in person before ordering anything online. Especially for something as important as your wedding ensemble or a corporate board meeting. Of course, if you already have a perfect fitting suit in mind. An order is fine—but make sure that particular brand/style has been tried on by other men of similar body type to yours before you pull out your credit card.

3) Keep accessories simple

If you’ve ever tried to buy a suit from Men’s Wearhouse. You know that they often have a lot of extra bells and whistles with their suits. Sometimes these are great deals, but when you’re looking for something basic or tailored, it can be frustrating. Make sure to take your time and avoid being overwhelmed by different fabrics and details. Keep accessories simple (plain ties/pocket squares) to make sure your look is polished and sophisticated. Nothing ruins a nice suit like a bad tie or cheap wristwatch! If you find yourself in that position, go back over their basics selection. They have some good off-the-rack options that don’t need tailoring at all.

4) Don’t fear bold color choices

Choosing to invest in an entire wardrobe of bright colors or patterns can seem overwhelming at first. But men’s wearhouse is one place where it won’t go unnoticed. Men’s wear house has dozens of dress shirts and ties with bold color options—something for every personality! We recommend opting for a solid tie that complements your shirt and either wearing it with multiple shirts or mixing up your options on each of your visits.

5) Get a second opinion before committing

Perhaps more than in any other industry, men’s clothing is an investment. Which makes getting your first suit or shirt from a high-end store like Men’s Warehouse an important decision. Be sure to get some second opinions before committing. You may discover that you can find something just as good for less at another store. You might even find something better! (It happens.) If it helps with your decision making, consider purchasing just one item from a high-end menswear store and one item from somewhere less expensive before dropping serious cash on new clothes. This way you can figure out which kind of items you like best, and then decide if it makes sense to buy more expensive versions of those items or cheaper versions of others you like.

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