Motivation speaker and Todays Society


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Motivation speaker

Motivation speaker is a person who makes motivational speeches and talks. He can be a person who speaks at conferences, conventions or any other event where people gather to hear his speech. A motivational speaker also needs to have enough knowledge about the subject he will be talking about so that he can explain it clearly in his speech.

Motivational keynote speaker are often hired by companies as an employee or independent contractor to motivate their employees or clients in order to get them more involved with the company’s goals and mission statement.

Todays Society

Todays Society is a book, movie, song and podcast that was published in 2001 by Time Warner. It is written by Glenn Beck (former host of Fox News’ The Glenn Beck Show) and Joe Rogan (host of The Joe Rogan Experience).

The story follows the life of four friends who decide to leave their comfortable suburban lives behind when they discover a new way of living called “Todays Society”. These four friends become disillusioned with modern technology and society after attending an anti-technology conference at which speakers such as Dr. Kevin Trudeau claim that everything we’ve been taught about medicine is wrong; instead of taking pills for every ailment you may have, these speakers suggest that you should take supplements such as vitamin C or zinc lozenges instead!

After attending this conference however:

It is always better to think before you speak.

When you’re speaking, it’s important Executive functioning coaching to think of what you’re going to say. If you don’t, your words can hurt someone and get in trouble.

Think about it: if someone says something that hurts your feelings or makes you embarrassed, how do they feel? Do they want forgiveness? Do they want an apology?

Not thinking before speaking will cause unnecessary problems down the road!


These days, we are more open-minded about what we say. People are starting to find their voice and speak out against things they believe in. This will only be beneficial for us all as we continue to evolve as a society together.

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