Favorable insurance conditions

MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE, Along with the many core services that our company provides, we offer our clients an exceptional range of support services. One of them is insurance. We provide you with a wide choice among the leading insurance companies that cooperate with us. Our qualified insurance agents are always ready to provide comprehensive information on the insurance of your motorcycle.

Honda motorcycle insurance options

  • OSAGO  – compulsory civil liability insurance policy; liability insurance to third parties for damage caused to property, life, and health of people during the operation of your motorcycle.
  • DSAGO  – a policy of voluntary third-party liability insurance, which allows you to expand the amount of insurance coverage; as well as
  • CASCO  – insurance of property risks, such as theft (loss of a motorcycle as a result of theft or theft), damage – death and damage to a motorcycle and additional equipment as a result of:
    • traffic accident;
    • Illegal actions of third parties; 
    • fire; 
    • Other causes of damage to the car, are provided for by the insurance contract.
  • risk  “Accident”  – causing harm to the life and health of drivers and/or passengers.

Benefits of car dealership insurance

  • You can insure both your existing motorcycle and the one just bought from us;
  • You can insure your motorcycle right in our salon even before registration with the traffic police;
  • We are always ready to help at the stage of claims settlement, we do not leave our clients to face to face with emerging problems related to insured events.

You can get additional information on insurance and calculate the cost of the insurance premium by calling +7 (383) 36-36-582 .

Why insurance companies do not like motorcyclists and what to do if there are difficulties when buying OSAGO

Motorcycle insurance is no different from car insurance. According to the law (No. 40-FZ), all motorcycle owners must insure motor third party liability: if the vehicle accelerates by more than 20 km / h, it is forbidden to go on the road without a policy.

Fines for motorcyclists without insurance: 800 rubles if there is no policy at all, and 500 rubles if the policy is issued, for example, for the summer period, and the motorcyclist left in the winter, or if the driver was not included in the policy. In case of an accident, potential expenses due to the lack of a policy increase many times over. Motorcycles suffer greatly in accidents, they are expensive to repair, and without insurance, a motorcyclist, if he is the culprit of the accident, has to compensate for the damage to other participants in the accident.

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