My Hero Academia Characters – Deku

Deku is a hero from the My Hero Academia manga series. He is the main protagonist and is created by Khei Horikoshi. In the manga, Deku is a young man who dreams of saving his town from evil forces. His adventures are described in an epic series of tales that spans three volumes.

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya, better known as hero Deku, is the main protagonist of the My Hero Academia manga series. The series was created by Khei Horikoshi. It is one of the most popular manga series in Japan. The manga series is about the adventures of a young boy who is determined to find a way to save his world.

Izuku was born with no quirk, but grew up with superhero aspirations and was nicknamed “Deku” by a middle school bully. His efforts to save his beloved Bakugo eventually won him the favor of the All Might, who passed down his quirk to him. The narrator of the manga, Ochaco Uraraka, also influenced him to use his nickname as his hero name.

Izuku possesses impressive physical strength for someone his age. He has demonstrated this ability by training with All Might, a giant bot weighing 255 kilograms (660 pounds). He was also able to lift a slab of metal the size of his body and use it to cleave a one-point bot in half.

This type of personality is a good match for ENFPs and ENTPs. Both are sensitive and prefer one-on-one situations, but are also able to work in groups. The Enneagram Six personality type is also characterized by loyalty and trustworthiness.

Nana Shimura

The character of Nana Shimura has a complicated family history. Her given name is “Nana,” which translates to “vegetables”. Similarly, her surname is “Shimura,” which translates as “village.” Her surname also includes the kanji for “seven,” which is a term of endearment for a grandmother in many languages. She is the grandmother of Tomura Shigaraki, the protagonist of the series.

Nana was born with the Float quirk, which enabled her to suspend herself in mid-air. She was unable to fly, however, until One For All encoded this power into her DNA. As a result, the Quirk was passed to Tomura’s “father figure.” However, there is another interpretation for Nana’s death. It could mean that someone else is about to make the same sacrifice that Nana did.

The character Toshinori Yagi is the same age as Deku was when he met All Might, meaning that she would have been about 27 years old when Toshinori met her. At that time, her husband would have been still alive, and her son would be 2-ish. In addition, Toshinori would have been present when Nana was grieving over Kotarou’s death.

Deku is still unaware of his connection with Nana. Although she is able to communicate with him through One For All, she is not completely aware of it. She has a strong instinct to protect those in danger. She has been in a situation where he has to fight an evil person. One For All is a very powerful weapon, and it has been used in several battles against Shigaraki and other villains.


In Bakugou, Deku, the titular hero is rescued by Izuku and Katsuki. Katsuki has been a victim of bullying by Katsuki and Deku for years. He mocks the hero course that Izuku has taken and taunts Izuku. Afterward, Izuku confronts Katsuki and tells him, “You will always be a hero.” The episode concludes with the two brothers resolving their differences.

Bakugo and Deku’s relationship is complex because they are opposite sides of the same coin. While they have many things in common, they’re very different. They fight each other because they have conflicting ideals. For example, Bakugo feels guilty for ending All Might’s career when he was kidnapped by villains, and he used up most of his power defeating All For One. The conflict between them helps both of them let off some of these emotions.

The fanmade visual novel Bakugou, Deku, and Izuku, starring Katsuki Bakugou, has three possible endings. The true ending contains explicit content. In the true ending, Izuku represents the Ace of Hearts, while Bakugou represents the Ace of Diamonds. The two characters have a corresponding instrumental song named after them. The song contains signature tracks from the characters.

Bakugou, however, feels inferior to Deku. His peers and teachers were very good at recognizing and applauding him when he was young, and he was quick to snap when Midoriya tried to help him. He interpreted Midoriya’s help as a taunt at him. Because of his inferiority complex, Bakugou began bullying Midoriya. This behavior escalates when Deku enters the UA.

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