Order Dubai Desert Safari Self Drive

The United Arab Emirates has many beautiful, attractive places, but one place is exciting. Self driving Dubai Desert Safari is an exciting place because of its sensation and adventure. Dubai Desert Ride offers the best Self driving Dubai Desert Safari package. Therefore, you can order your tour with Dubai Desert Ride anytime.

How does this package start?

In this package, you have to come to the location of our desert points, where we will welcome you in the traditional Arabic way.

  1. Dune Bashing

Our professional driver will give you a thrilling journey on the red dunes. You can explore this adventure and can take selfies.

  1. Ride a camel

Arabs travel with camels before the oil adventure. You can take a camel and enjoy this trip in the Self driving Dubai Desert Safari.

Sand Boarding Sand Boarding is a great activity. You will feel like you are on ice. You can take photos during this activity.

  1. Unlimited refresher

You can enjoy a different drink, and don’t forget to take traditional Arabic qahwa.

  1. In the camp

Enter the camp and enjoy the starter food with dance performances and Tanura fire. Women can enjoy girlfriends on their bodies. However, after all of these activities, you can enjoy dinner with different delicious dishes. Then, in the end, you can enjoy the stomach dance.

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