How to Create a Perfect Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

A rectangular Shower Enclosure is a popular choice for a luxurious and spacious shower experience. These are a highly practical choice for medium to large bathroom spaces. If you are looking for a new shower cubicle, or want an upgrade, it is a worth considering option for a contemporary bathroom. But before you plan about having one, it is important to go through where a rectangular shape cubicle can be a better option and what thing you need to look for to make a perfect choice. 

When to Prefer a Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

The choice of your shower enclosure depends on various factors like bathroom size, space availability, position, and personal preference. That means you cannot install any shower cubicle without considering these factors. There is a possibility that the enclosure shape you are trying to fit is a misfit for your layout. Therefore, it is important to know when you should prefer a rectangular cubicle. 

  • One thing that you should note is that whether you like it or not the rectangular shower is not a good fit for a small bathroom. These tend to be bigger than other options requiring more space to adjust. 
  • It is a good choice for those looking for medium to large-size shower enclosures. So, that means you will require the space availability as well for bigger showers. And that’s what you are looking for.

You can consider the removal of the bathtub or a vanity unit if you already have one for making space.  

Determining the Size of your Rectangular Shower Enclosure

When you are planning for a rectangular shower enclosure, the first thing should do is to decide about its size. However, deciding the size of a cubicle depends on various factors. You will need to think about

Pro Tip

You will need to look for the sizes of rectangular shower enclosures available in the market. There are 800mm rectangular trays available on which you can build an enclosure. The size may go as big as 1800mm if the overall bathroom space permits. To make the space available you may consider getting rid of a bathtub or vanity unit or even consider creating a rectangular cubicle around the bath area. 

Choice of Glass Type and Thickness 

Another important thing to consider is the choice of glass type for your rectangular shower enclosure. You may choose a clear glass as it will make your bathroom look spacious due to the passing of light. The effect will be even more dramatic in the small space. However, everything inside the shower area will be visible. That may be a privacy issue for some of you. So, you will need to think about whether you will need a private space or the visibility from outside does not matter to you. If it is a concern for you then the alternative choice may be frosted or tinted. There is various options available to choose. Other than that, you will also have to decide about the glass thickness. Most rectangular shape cubicles come with 6mm glass thickness. There are options available for less or more thickness, but it is better to choose a mid-range thickness instead of going too big or less. It is important to know that increasing the thickness does not necessarily increase the sturdiness or durability of your enclosure. 

Choice of Shower Door and Tray

The choice of shower tray and door both are important for a perfect rectangular cubicle. A tray is a base around which your enclosure is built. The important consideration here is that an acrylic shower tray is the most economical and duration option while you may also choose a stone, marble, or plastic material. In terms of shower door, you can choose any option from a sliding, pivot, or bifold door. But since the rectangular enclosure is relatively bigger a hinged door may be a better option for you.

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