Pontiac brand legend

Pontiac brand legend

Pontiac is the name of the legendary leader of the Ottawa Indian tribe, the leader of the uprising against the British colonialists. In the spring of 1763, the Indians under Pontiac’s leadership won a series of victories over the British and laid siege to Fort Detroit. After a long but unsuccessful siege, the Indians made peace with the British and recognized the authority of the English king. Chief Pontiac died under mysterious circumstances. A city in the vicinity of Detroit is named after him in his honor.

Pontiac’s emblem resembles a red feather from a Native American headdress. It is complemented by a silver star to commemorate the successful 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak.

Key Pontiac Models

GTO model, classic muscle car. It appeared in 1964. The idea for the name came from engineer John DeLorean, who was inspired by the Italian racing car Ferrari 250 GTO. Produced from 1964 to 1974 and from 2004 to 2006. The appearance of the GTO almost became a scandal: a year earlier, General Motors passed an order prohibiting the release of the series. race cars … However, Vice President Elliot Estes took a chance and approved the 5.3-liter V8 sports coupe, taking command. Fortunately, the coupe was a great success.

Pontiac technology

Tri-Power, a 7-liter inline eight-cylinder engine, made the Pontiac the “killer” of many European sports cars. This engine was installed in the “muscle car” Pontiac GTO, an automobile legend. To cool it, a special outside air supply system was invented, the so-called dynamic boost. She was named Ram Air. The system used an air intake in the hood that was specially tuned. Air, not having time to warm up in the engine compartment, was drawn directly into the body. air-filter… Such a system provided additional power when driving fast. Cars with a dynamic inflation system can be recognized by the inscription after the engine code: XS. An innovative option was also the VOE (vacuum-operated exhaust) system, which was installed in the Exhaust system, it resembled a diaphragm, with manual adjustment of which, which allowed additional power to be obtained.

In Breaking Bad, one of the main characters, Walter White, drives a Pontiac Aztek.

In the movie “The Knight of the Day”, actor Cameron Diaz was riding a 1966 Pontiac GTO.

Black Pontiac Firebird became one of the main characters in the “Knight Rider” series.

Xander Cage, who starred in the movie Three Xs, was driving a 1967 Pontiac GTO.

In Michael Bay’s film “Transformers” (2007), the Autobot Jazz – Pontiac Solstice.

GM, represented by Pontiac, participated in badge engineering in association with Toyota in the United States. The Pontiac Vibe is the twin brother of the Toyota Matrix. Daewoo Matiz is marketed in several countries under the Pontiac brand.

The tuned Pontiac G8 with a 7-liter engine is owned by 50cent.

The Pontiac Aztek SUV, which appeared in 2000, received the title “The ugliest SUV in the world” from the English newspaper The Sun.

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