How Can You Recover iPhone Deleted Data?

With growing time, people’s trust in technology gadgets and devices has increased much. It is reflected in our daily lives prominently as we are surrounded by the latest advances in technology. One of the most significant and useful gadgets is the smartphone which has become a crucial part of our lives. 

We spend the maximum time of our life on smartphones for various purposes. With this great demand and use, people started storing their files and data on the iPhone. Storing personal and professional data on an iPhone makes access easier and available 24/7. 

What if the data on this smart gadget gets lost? Sometimes, the user mistakenly deletes the folder having important information or stuff and gets in trouble. But do not need to worry if you lost your essential data. You can recover iPhone deleted data in various simple ways.

Manual Ways to Recover The Lost Data

The lost data from the iPhone can be of multiple categories. These can be restored in different ways. First of all, you can use several manual ways to do this. These are simple to adopt and can be done by the user himself. A person operating gadgets must have the technological knowledge to resolve such issues feasibly. Get the latest update and information about technological stuff from online websites like TechyWired. following are the few ways that iPhone users need to adopt for getting back the lost data:

Recover Recently Deleted Files from iPhone

If you have deleted the files recently and wondering how can you recover iPhone deleted data? then adopt this small process comprising 4 steps that are listed below:

  • Go to Files and click on Browse.
  • Navigate Locations.
  • Click on Recently Deleted.
  • Select the desired files and Click on Recover. 

The files that are deleted longer than 30 days ago are not available to recover with this method. Bear in mind that you don’t need to reset network settings iPhone in order to recover deleted messages. check out how you can do this.

Recover Deleted Files from iWork Apps or iCloud Drive

On the iPhone, there is iCloud Drive. If the iPhone user has turned iCloud Drive on the apps then the data from those apps can be recovered within 30 days. After 30 days, the data will be permanently removed from the iPhone. The process to recover iPhone deleted data from iCloud is simple and precise:

  • Navigate to iCloud Drive. 
  • Tap on the Recently Deleted tab that is located in the lower right corner of the screen. 
  • Select the files that you want to recover and Click on Recover. 
  • OR you can tap on Recover All to get back all the deleted data.

Recover Deleted Files from Other Apps

For the deleted files from other apps, try out the mentioned below steps and get the lost data:

  • Open 
  • Search for the settings section. 
  • Tap on Restore files located in the Advanced Section. 
  • Select the files that are required to restore. 
  • OR select all to have it back on your iPhone. 
  • Tap on Restore and it’s done. 

5 Best Tools to Recover Lost Data from iPhone

Recovering the lost data from the iPhone can also be done with other various approaches. There are many data recovery tools available online which can help in this regard. But you need to select the right tool for data safety and security. Following are the points to consider while selecting the tool:

  • The data recovery tool should be reliable and from a trustworthy source. 
  • The support team of the tool should be cooperative in understating the problem.
  • The tool should be capable of handling the worst data wipes. 
  • The interface should be simple and intuitive. 
  • The tool should be compatible with the iPhone. 

Following are the top-rated and popular data recovery tools or software that can help to recover iPhone deleted data instantly:

  1. Phone Rescue for iOS

It is a reliable iOS data recovery software that is capable of retrieving more than 254 types of data categories. There are three modes of recovery presented by the software. The interface is made much simpler and basic so that the maximum of the audience can operate it without having any hurdles. Further, it provides other benefits like you can use it when iOS crashes or iPhone gets stuck. 

If you do not even have a backup for iPhone data, still you can get the aid of this tool and recover iPhone deleted data. It is so advanced that it can access lost data from iCloud and iTunes. So in case your iPhone has been stolen or misplaced, you can get the essential data back from iCloud backup. 

  1. Tenorshare

The users have rated this iPhone data recovery tool in the top three ranks. The higher demand and user satisfaction for this tool is due to the fact that it can recover iPhone deleted data from the following mishaps as well:

  • Stolen or misplaced iPhone
  • Water damage 
  • Jailbreak
  • Locked iPhone
  • Broken screen 
  • iOS crash 
  • Stuck iPhone 
  • Malware or virus attack 

This data recovery tool is super compatible with iOS so can be operated on most devices comfortably. The selection of certain data files for the recovery is also available. It is known for faster data recovery than any other tool. It also offers three data recovery modes. The data from iOS, iTunes, and iCloud backup can be retrieved from this tool. 

  1. EaseUS

EaseUs is a multipurpose app showing compatibility with iOS. It provides bundles of benefits to the iPhone user along with data recovery.

It helps in getting the lost data recovery even from the non-responding devices, which is a prominent feature of the app. further, it shows high compatibility with the Microsoft Store version for iTunes. 

When you install the app, you will find the regular update notification. These updates are effective as it is loaded with bug fixes that streamline the working of the app. 

  1. Apeaksoft

Apeaksoft is an iPhone data recovery app that is easier to operate and manage. It provides tremendous features and facilities for iPhone users. The lost or deleted data can be retrieved from iCloud backup and iTunes backup. 

The data that is lost from the iPhone can be previewed earlier recovery via this app. With the preview, you can confirm the files or data that you want to recover. This feature is provided to assist the users in retrieving the selected files. 

The app is commonly used to recover iPhone deleted data of fowling niches:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Notes 
  • Messages
  • Call history 
  • Apps

The lost data from the crashed iOS, stolen iPhone, forgotten password, and accidental delete can be accessed through Apeaksoft. It shows no compatibility issues with iOS devices and software. 

  1. Stellar

It works with all iOS versions 14 or below 14. Like other popular and reliable data recovery tools, it also provides data recovery with multiple categories including voice memos, images, videos, calendars, messages, contacts, etc. 

The in-built scanning feature of the app provides the quick identification of lost files and recovery. Deep scanning assists in finding lost data from the depth of storage space. It shows compatibility with macOS and iOS. 

Wrap Up 

The loss of data from an iPhone can be much more troublesome and frustrating for the user. In smartphones, we keep our personal and professional data which is of much importance and significance to us. But it can be deleted mistakenly or lost due to malware attacks.

In that case, there are some manual ways that can help to recover iPhone deleted data within 30 days of deletion. But if it is lost due to other reasons like an iOS crash, stolen iPhone, or malware, then data recovery tools like Tenorshare can help. These tools provide multiple benefits within one platform so try out these and avoid such issues of data loss. 

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