Requirements for Skilled Independent Visa 189

To apply for a Skilled Independent Visa 189, the first step is to lodge an Expression of Interest, which will enable the government to decide whether you have the required skills and experience to become a skilled migrant. Afterwards, you will receive an invitation to apply, and will need to select an occupation from the relevant skilled occupation list.

To qualify for the visa, you must also achieve the necessary points in a points test relating to your occupation. Another requirement is a ‘competent’ English language level, which is an IELTS score or other accepted English language test. Applicants must also satisfy certain health requirements to qualify for the visa.


Skilled Independent Visa for Australia processing times depend on individual circumstances. Processing times are calculated according to the completeness of an application, the number of documents required, and the time required to conduct checks. The processing time can take as little as 8 months, or as long as a year. This visa category is only available for people with a minimum IELTS score of 65. If you are not sure whether or not you qualify, contact the department for details.

The first step in applying for this visa is to complete a Skills Assessment. If you have a superior level of English, you will be awarded more points than if you have a functional level. The assessment fee for skilled independent visa 189 is around AUD 4,045, and there are additional charges for family members. This fee does not include medical test fees.

Age requirement

To apply for a Skilled Independent Visa, you must submit an Expression of Interest through the Skill Select website. Once your Expression of Interest has been accepted, you must complete all the required documents and lodge the application. Once your visa is approved, you can work or start your own business. You can also sponsor family members and friends to come to Australia.

To qualify for a Skilled Independent Visa, you must have a relevant skill assessment. This is an assessment process that shows that you possess the appropriate skills and qualifications to do the job in Australia. You must also meet the points test for your occupation, and score at least 65 points to be eligible to apply. You must also be at least 45 years old when you receive an invitation to apply.


If you want to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), you’ll need to provide a few essential documents. Firstly, you’ll need to prove that you have the required academic qualifications and skills. Moreover, your documents must be in English. Certified copies of original documents are also required.

Second, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have a dependent relative. This can be a child under the age of 18 or an adult child. Your dependent child must be wholly or substantially dependent on you and not be able to provide for themselves.

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Work experience

The Skilled Independent Visa is a permanent work visa, and it is open to skilled workers who meet certain requirements. Applicants must hold a minimum 65 points on a points assessment, and have skills in one of the occupations on the Skilled Occupations List (MLTSSL). There is no need for sponsorship for this visa, but applicants must still satisfy the basic requirements.

The visa is a points-tested visa, so applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. Applicants should refer to the Visa Nomination Occupation List to find out which occupations require higher points.

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