Solar inverter repairs: When to Seek Help

Solar panels are usually designed to last a tenure of 25 years. However, your solar inverter is more complicated in nature and has a smaller lifespan. A solar inverter is a key component of your solar energy system. There are several signs that you must look for before availing yourself of Solar inverter repairs. 

The solar inverter helps in keeping track of the voltage to figure out the maximum power that the module can function in. Your solar inverters have a time span of 10 to 12 years. They break down easily and might require repair in between terms.

Here is a list of reasons that your solar inverter requires repairs.

  • Restarting issue 

On occasion, if there is a fault in the wide electricity grid it will result in a solar power system malfunctioning, the inverter will not be able to restart itself. On several occasions, various solar inverters are unable to restart themselves; you must contact a service team or the installer to manually restart the system of your solar inverter. 

Until there is proper justification and mending of the restarting issue, your solar panels will not be able to produce electricity. In order to avoid the entire process, you must install a system with high-quality components and continuous monitoring. 

  • Maximum power point tracking issue 

Maximum power point tracking is used by most inverters, it helps to maximize the performance of the inverter. If there is an issue in your inverter for tracking maximum power, it is usually caused by photovoltaic modulus.

The different strings that are connected to your inverter produce different ranges of power on the basis of positioning, shading and the faults in the panel. Combining all these features, your solar inverter may receive different voltages from your panels at the same time. 

By making use of the maximum power point tracking, your solar inverter will ensure that your system is utilizing the optimum supply voltage. If the maximum point tracking of your inverter system is having an issue with your solar panels, it is only possible for a professional to repair it. 

  • Solar inverter isolation fault 

Another possible issue for your solar inverter must be faulty isolation. If there is a short circuit between the different parts of your solar inverter, then your circuit provides an isolation alarm. 

On such occasions, the solar inverter will either shut down completely or function at a reduced level. Incorrect installation, bad connection of DC cables, moisture and damage to the sleeve of cabling are the list of reasons that may result in an isolation alarm. On any such occasion, it is best advised that you must contact  Solar inverter repairs immediately. 

To Sum It Up

Has your solar inverter stopped working? Does a solar inverter require a service or repair? Above listed in the article are several reasons why you must look for reliable Solar inverter repairs

There are several reasons that can result in a solar inverter failing. If you notice any of the following factors, you must immediately contact a professional to repair your solar inverter. 

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