The Best Art Holiday Cards Available Online

Sometimes it’s just not enough to go to the Hallmark store and get a generic holiday card for your friends and family. Nice messages are great and all but what if you’re looking for something with a little more character and artistry? Luckily you can send unique and visually stunning holiday cards to your loved ones thanks to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston’s collection of art holiday cards.

Here are some of the best art holiday cards to send this holiday season.

Gustav Klimt, Frieze Tree of Life
This is a whimsical take on a holiday card featuring a tree that’s equally as festive but in a totally different way. The Tree of Life features a golden-brown tree with curly branches embellished with intricate designs. This image represents how nature is connected in a variety of complicated chains and interactions. This image conjures up a lot of spirituality, making it the perfect holiday card for everyone on your list.

Carl Krenek, Merry Christmas Card
Carl Krenek was an Austrian Impressionist & Modern artist who was born in 1880. This holiday card design was created in 1912, capturing the holiday spirit in a very unique, powerful way. A man with a long beard can be seen carrying a colorful sack on his back, a lantern in hand, instantly making you think of the nostalgic feeling of being a kid in the wintertime, looking out the window at the snowy wonderland outside as the sun began to set, knowing Christmas is the next day. The bright yellow house looks warm and inviting between the snow-covered trees.

Unknown Artist, Riding on Snow
This vibrant holiday card brings out that kid-like giddiness within, featuring a group of kids sledding in a hilly neighborhood during a heavy snowfall. Anyone who receives this card will think of sipping hot cocoa, catching snowflakes on their tongue, and getting together with the neighborhood kids for a snowball fight. The Japanese artist is unknown but we can feel the person’s childlike joy coming through.

Luc Olivier Merson, Rest on Flight into Egypt
This painting by French artist Merson was created in 1879. Merson was a successful painter that created frescoes for churches and government buildings. But as he grew older, he fell in love with abstract art, which made him less popular. This card, however, has stood the test of time. The cool, desolate landscape and quiet atmosphere is sure to leave people breathless. They’ll think of a family reuniting for the holidays, exploring a new world, or embracing a peaceful moment.

Arthur Clifton Goodwin, Park Street, Boston
This classic painting screams early 1900s with its realistic details and heartfelt observations. This card will make your friends and family instantly think of simple times in their life where they had a break from their phones and work to either walk through the snow on a day off or hang out with family during the holidays. Goodwin is known for creating urban scenes and landscapes, especially the streets and waterfront scenes of Boston. Using subtle lighting and color, he created a sense of peace within his art.

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