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Ever Since its inception, the Web3 gaming sector has advanced significantly. Early Web3 games mainly consisted of rudimentary puzzle games and straightforward arcade games. However, the popularity of Web3 gaming has skyrocketed recently due to the development of potent Web3 hardware and constantly evolving Web3 operating systems.

Web3 games are now a vast industry, with some games bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The Web3 app game advertising market has expanded along with the Web3 app gaming sector.

The current status of Web3 app gaming, various publisher revenue streams, and various Web3 game advertising formats will all be covered in this tutorial. We’ll also offer some advice for publishers who want to leverage in-game advertising as a revenue stream.

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Current Web3 Gaming Trends

Web3 games generated an astonishing 93 billion dollars in sales in 2021. In other words, Web3 games brought in more money than PC and console games. For reference, global movie box office receipts in 2021 were 21.3 billion USD. The rocket ship that Web3 gaming represents is difficult to dispute when you consider that the online gaming market is predict to increase by 66 billion dollars over the next five years.

This increase goes far beyond the widespread use of cell phones worldwide. Snake, Brick breaker, and even Pong could be found on candy-bar phones and early, less-than-smart devices even twenty years ago. In actuality, the increased connectivity that delivers a superior user experience and new business models are what has caused the revenue rise in the Web 3 game market. These revenue strategies enable publishers to make substantial profits without detracting from or interfering with gameplay. A positive feedback loop that benefits everyone with interest in Web3 gaming is create when these money streams are use to fund more – and better – Web3 games.

Understanding that Web3 game advertising is still a relatively new and developing business is one of the most crucial things to do. The advertising environment for Web3 games is continually evolving, and new ad formats, distribution systems, and measurement tools are constantly being create. It may be challenging to stay current with best practices and emerging trends as a result.

Ad agencies, platforms, and networks

The majority of Web3 game developers collaborate with ad networks, which act as middlemen and link publishers and advertisers. A company that connects advertisers and publications is known as an ad network. Among them is Facebook Audience Network. They frequently have a sizable inventory of ads from numerous games and applications, and they employ algorithms to link advertisers with suitable publishers.

Platforms for ad mediation are a crucial piece of technology created by the most advanced ad networks. These platforms provide tools for managing ad inventory and increasing income for publishers. Real-time bidding (RTB) is a technique used by some cutting-edge ad mediation companies to deliver advertisements to Web3 games. Advertisers compete in RTB to get their ads displayed in a specific game ad placement. The sum of the winning offer is then deduct from their account, and their advertisement is shown in the game.

Best Methods for Earning Money from Ads

The needs of both game creators and marketers should be consider when creating an ad income strategy. The following are standard practices that game creators should adhere to while thinking about ad revenue.

Recognize your user base

Knowing your players’ identities and possible areas of interest is critical. This will assist you in selecting the ideal ad format and location for your advertisements.

Use many platforms for your game.

The more platforms your game is playable on, the more money you could possibly make through Web3 game advertising.

Keep the game experience uninterrupted.

Ads should never obstruct the user experience or gameplay. Ads can improve the gaming experience by giving gamers access to more material or prizes if they are correctly use.

Try out different ad formats.

Web3 game advertisements come in a wide variety of formats, such as banner, interstitial, video, and native adverts. Examine several ad types to determine which ones are most effective for your game and your user base.

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Track effectiveness

Utilize analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your ads and maximize your advertising earnings. The majority of advertising platforms and ad creatives have the advantage of being easily adjusted to maximize results. Make decisions about messaging, placements, and rotations based on data.

Never be scared to give new things a try.

Being creative with your adverts is one of the finest strategies to increase the money from Web 3 game advertising. You’ll be more effective in drawing in advertisers if you can create new, creative ad formats that gamers will find fascinating and engaging. Please don’t be hesitant to try out various ad formats and monitor their effectiveness to see which ones are most effective for your game.

Final Words

Web3 game publishers can generate a lot of income from in-game advertising. Additionally, it can aid in improving user acquisition and retention and give advertisers a chance to connect with new clientele. One must have a solid understanding of Web3 in-game advertising to succeed in this field. You can maximize the advertising revenue from Web3 games by being aware of the various revenue structures, ad formats, and best practices.

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