The Right Solution for Emotional Neglect in a Marriage

We all have dreams of having a happy married life without any clashes with the other half. The perfect marriage does exist but it doesn’t have to be a bed of roses for everybody. You need to prepare yourself for the worst in some cases, which can affect you and your loved ones.

In a marriage, you and your partner are a team. You do things together whenever possible and influence each other’s decisions.

Emotional support is something you should expect from your partner and the other way around. If you don’t get this support from them, you can end up feeling lonely and neglected.

One way to find a solution to this problem is to talk it out with your partner. If you don’t seem to find help, consult a marriage counselor who can lead you to a proper solution.

The article gives you an idea of what emotional neglect is, and a few signs that can help you confirm that you are experiencing it currently.

What is Emotional Neglect?

Emotional connection or bonding is the most important aspect of any relationship. You expect your partner to be available for you emotionally.

But when they do not pay attention to your emotional needs, you can feel unseen. This is when you feel emotionally neglected in your marriage.

Your partner may also feel so when they don’t feel that you care for their emotions. Hence, it is necessary to talk to each other and see if you are on the same page regarding the emotional connection you feel.

Emotional neglect can destroy your marriage through feelings of resentment and unhappiness. It shouldn’t be confused with emotional abuse, which is experienced in many marriages.

Emotional abuse happens when you hurt your partner emotionally with particular intentions. It can also be due to personality disorders like narcissism.

On the other hand, emotional neglect happens when you or your partner do not do things that keep you emotionally connected.

Signs of Emotional Neglect in Marriage

The first step to healing the pain caused by emotional neglect is to identify any signs of it. You need to acknowledge the fact that you are emotionally neglected in your marriage to find a solution for it.

Given below are a few signs that you or your partner is experiencing emotional neglect or is feeling mentally down in your marriage.

  • You close yourself out from social interactions and activities.
  • You do not enjoy spending time with your partner
  • You feel lonely and alone.
  • You find it uncomfortable to express your opinions and thoughts.
  • You put on a fake persona around your partner.
  • You do not discuss important matters with your partner.
  • You do not want to engage in physical intimacy.

How to Deal with Emotional Neglect in Marriage?

Feeling emotionally neglected can cause you to feel invalidated. You will seclude yourself from social activities and can feel lonely as mentioned before.

But do not think that the happy days in your marriage are coming to an end.

Given below are a few things that you can do to combat emotional neglect in your marriage.

1. Introspect

Give yourself some me time. Talk to yourself or journal to find out what the problem is, and how it started out in the first place.

  • Ask yourself if your relationship had always been like this from day one.

See if your partner’s behavior has changed as time passed by, and analyze any patterns of behavior that you’ve observed in them.

  • Think about your past and if there was any incident that caused your partner to behave a certain way.

This will help you understand what went wrong and what can be done to make the situation better.

Introspection will also help you understand your own behaviors and see if you are emotionally neglecting your partner.

2. Talk to your Partner

It is not wise to sit and wait for the problem to get solved on its own. If you are facing emotional neglect from your partner, it is smarter to talk to them about it. Chances are they may not even be aware of what emotional damage they are doing to you.

Find a comfortable time for both of you to confront the issue and talk about it.

Let them know that you are not doing well mentally in this marriage. If they do not show any sign of concern or apologize, it is better to seek the help of a marriage counselor.

 3. Spend Time Together

A busy lifestyle and hectic schedules can stand in the way of bonding with your partner. You can get lost in the huge pile of work at the office or taking care of your children.

Dissimilar interests are also another reason why you and your partner do not spend much time with each other.

Spending time together will help you understand your partner better. You will engage in activities together and start being comfortable with each other.

As you get comfortable with them, you will converse with them more and understand them better.

Then you will spend more time with them since now you like being with them. This circle strengthens your emotional bonding and leads to a stronger relationship.

4. Consult a Marriage Counselor

It is natural for you to feel helpless and confused about what to do in a situation where you feel emotionally neglected. Talking to a friend or family member can lead you to biased solutions as they mostly offer consolation and not the actual solution.

In such cases, married couple counseling is the best choice if you don’t seem to find help from any other source. They are experts who are professionally trained and specialized to deal with relationship problems.

You also get solutions from a third party who offers neutral and impartial advice. They offer therapy and suggestions on how to improve your relationship and lead a happier married life.

Choose a trustable marriage counselor near you to get the right solution for your problem. Restore the happiness and satisfaction that you’ve lost by getting access to marriage therapy.

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