The to-dos for lip care – All you need to know to have the perfect lips


Weather changes can do a significant job on your lips. Thus, we have construct a to-do guide for your lip care. Read more to find out how to protect, moisturize and keep them lips perfect at all times.


The lips are one of the most important components of your face. They functions as a sensory organ, make a key contribution to the smile, are vital in speech, eating and of course expression. Right now, a gorgeous pout is the ultimate style accessory. It has fueled a rise in lip plumping makeup and the popularity in lip enhancement using lip fillers. However, we do not think there is enough awareness of the contribution of day-day lip care to the health and beauty of your lips. We have put together a fuss-free guide on how to care for your lips properly with minimal time and effort.

Lips are certainly one of the most favorite features for most of us. We simply love how they can express how you feel whether you are speaking or with the lip color you are wearing. However, they can be sensitive and if we don’t properly care for them; they will rebel by flaking and peeling. There’s nothing wrong with setting aside time to reset, rebalance and put wellness first.  This way, whether you are going for a signature nude lip shade or feeling bold with brighter colors, they will always be soft and moisturized.

Adding to that, we really think you will agree that if there’s one part of our skincare routine that we tend to neglect, it is our lip care routine. Sure, we all carry around a lip balm that we apply as and when, but few of us think to really exfoliate, moisturize and smooth our pouts. That’s why we have created a guide to help you care for your lips the way they deserve.

Why is Lip care so important?

First things first, why is it necessary to have a lip care routine? Won’t we do just fine without it? Well, have you ever wondered why our lips crack and chap? As it turns out, the skin on our lips is much thinner than on the rest of our body. On top of that, our lips also have fewer oil glands and don’t produce melanin (the pigment that protects your skin from UV rays) which means that they have little natural protection from the sun, cold, wind or dry air. And this is exactly why lip care is so so important.

Hey! We are about to drop the best lip care to-dos. Keep reading!!

To-do One: Drink lots and lots of water

Yes! Do that! Just please always do that. You should have at least 8 or 9 glasses of water every day — even more if you’re super active. Water will keep your body, skin, and lips well hydrated and looking great! Drink up! Stay hydrated for your help, skin and lip care.

To-do Two: Lip Scrub to do rescue

While using a lip balm every day (particularly if you like a matte lippy)  is really healthy for your lips similarly, the use of a good lip scrub once a week is also a great way of caring for your pout, especially if you suffer from dry or chapped lips. Lip care with a scrub is the way to go.

To-do Three: Moisturizing plays a critical role

As with the skin on the rest of your body, it is important to also moisturize the lips as part of your lip care routine.

To-do Four: Avoid Smoking

By far, the biggest improvement you can make to the health and appearance of your lips and skin is to stop smoking. Smoking is associated with mouth cancer and also accelerates ageing of skin. It is responsible for the appearance of puckering and wrinkles around the mouth area. If you can try and quit on smoking, you will experience great color and health improvements in your lips.

To-do Five: Use a Humidifier

This lip care to-do is particularly for winters. Have you noticed your lips are drier and more chapped in the winter? That’s because there’s less moisture in the air. Use a humidifier to replace that missing moisture and say goodbye to dry, skin-crippling air. Just make sure to clean your humidifier regularly and replace its filter to avoid bacteria buildup.

To-do Six: Know the products you are using on your lips

Extremely, crucially important to-do for lip care. You should always have a complete knowledge of what products to apply on your lips and what products to absolutely avoid. While matte lipstick may be a hot trend and look just fabulous it can be extremely drying. So the next time your lips are chapped, opt for gloss instead.

Follow these to-dos for lip care and protect your lips to look beautiful forever.

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