The Top 5 Reasons You Should Sleep with a Plushie Every Night

Does your bed feel lonely? Do you want something that’s going to keep you warm at night? If so, the best way to go about that is by getting yourself a plushie! There are many reasons why plushies make great sleeping partners, and here are five of them!

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1) Comfort

At kawaii store we’re all about bringing smiles to faces, even in our sleep. That’s why so many of us have plushies as cuddle buddies (or kawaii pillows if you prefer something more delicate). It turns out that there are lots of scientifically proven benefits to having a plush on hand when it comes to getting that good night’s rest: higher quality sleep, lower stress levels and increased serotonin production. That’s something worth smiling about. A pluphing good night!

2) Security

What’s cuter than a kawaii plush toy? A kawaii plush toy you can use to cuddle when you go to sleep! Most people have stuffed animals that are reserved for bedtime use, but it’s hard not to want to snuggle up with them all day long. When given an opportunity, most would choose an adorable plush as their get well soon or just because gift. Because what isn’t there to love about cute toys, whether they belong in your collection or next to your heart while you sleep? If you don’t already own at least one of these incredibly soft and beautiful creations, then make sure your shopping list has room for something new tomorrow.

3) Cuddles!

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of sleeping with a plushie is it provides you something to hold on to when you go to sleep. This serves as an important sense of security for many, as plushies give off an aura of cuteness that helps people relax and unwind before bedtime. If you’re suffering from insomnia or simply just want to fall asleep faster, getting into your warm sheets at night after spending 15 minutes cuddling your favorite character might do wonders for your peace of mind. As such, Kawaii plush merchandise has been shown by recent studies to improve restfulness by more than 50%. This can be attributed primarily to how adorably cute these characters are.

4) Positive energy

In our hectic lives, there’s no time for much else besides work and personal life. It’s so easy to forget that we should take care of ourselves. Whether you want to feel more relaxed or simply want to improve your mood, snuggling up with your favorite stuffed animal before bed is an easy way to inject some positivity into your daily routine. After all, if you can’t be positive when you wake up then when can you? Everyone needs something they love in their lives, and it might as well be adorable plushies.

5) Self love

Life is difficult. It’s even more difficult when we don’t accept ourselves for who we are. If you want to sleep better and feel happier, you need to remind yourself that you are a unique and wonderful human being every day—and not just once. To do so, invest in kawaii merchandise that reminds you of how great it is to be your own self (e.g., stickers or figurines of your favorite character). Keep them on your bedside table where they’re easily visible as part of your nighttime routine. It will help reinforce your idea of who you are as an individual and make you love yourself more each night before bed!


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