The Unexpected Advantages of LED Torchiere Floor Lamps

Everyone is hot to say that LEDs are energy efficient and that they should be retrofitted into your existing lighting fixtures as soon as possible, for energy savings alone.

They’re not wrong. An LED torchiere floor lamp’s lighting will be as much as 90% more efficient than comparable incandescent lights. That’s a lot of energy savings over the cost of a year or a lifetime.

But what else do LEDs offer over traditional lighting? Let’s take a look.

Less heat, low fire risk
LED floor lamps, being so energy efficient, waste very little energy consumed as heat. Consequently, it is easier to cool a room that is lit with LEDs – not to mention the fact that there is a lesser risk of fire!

Longer lasting
You’re lucky if your average incandescent light lasts 1,000 hours. Compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs, are a little better, lasting about 8,000.

Even short-lived LEDs last 25,000 hours, with most lasting around 50,000 or even more. Some can last as long as 100,000 hours!

All of the perks (dimming capability, directionality, variety in color temperature)
In the early days of LEDs, items like dimmable functionality, directional beams, and variety in color temperature and color rendering indices were scarce. Today they are commonplace in LEDs.

No toxic compounds, easy to recycle
This one is for CFLs and not for incandescents. CFLs contain mercury and phosphors, making them less than environmentally friendly. LEDs contain no harsh substances or toxic compounds – making them much better as lighting solutions.

What FENLO LED Torchiere Lamps Also Offer
When you buy a FENLO LED torchiere floor lamp like the Falon or Felton (available online at you get more than just these listed benefits of LEDs.

You also get:

Easy assembly
The elegant designs of the FENLO Falon and Felton are easy to assemble and can be set up in a matter of minutes via the included instruction manual or educational video on their website.

Convenient operation and dimmability
Both of these modern torchiere floor lamps feature a convenient floor switch and are three-way dimmable, so you can match the lighting to the mood. This makes them perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and of course, as reading lights – perfect for nearly any room in the house.

Adjustability (a flexible head)
Both the Felton and Falon LED torchiere floor lamps feature directional heads that can be used to provide better lighting to any of your settings – paired with the integrated dimmer switches, these torch lamps can be used to provide directional lighting anywhere you need them.

Construction from high-quality components
In lieu of a standard metal base, these LED torchiere lamps feature genuine, luxurious marble bases that are broad and stable – perfect as a statement piece and also highly functional elements of home decor that can add class and distinction to any setting.

Learn More!
Do you have questions about LEDs in general or about any of the LED torchiere floor lamps mentioned here? Get in touch with FENLO through their website or contact them online.

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