Tips for Starting a Career in Real Estate in Singapore

Have you recently graduated and have no idea what you want to do with your life? Are you contemplating a career shift but don’t know what you want to do? Choosing a career in real estate agent course could lead to personal satisfaction and financial rewards. The real estate sector is a promising one, but unlike in the past, you can’t just go into any office, fill out an application, and start working there.

Following is an essay in which I detail the steps necessary to enroll in a Property Agent Course in Singapore.

For starters, the real estate agent role is not dissimilar to that of a business owner. Taking you as an example, you are a good illustration of the self-employed. The costs associated with getting a new business off the ground are inevitable.

There is typically an initial investment required to launch a career in real estate. In addition, you need to finish the essential training classes and score well on the corresponding test before you can start working as a real estate agent.

It’s a must that you take the required property agent training and certification test.

  • Please Be Over the Age of 21
  • A Singaporean or Permanent Resident citizen
  • Four General Certificate of Education “O” Levels or its equivalent are required for entry (WPLN)

Matches the CEA’s definition of “fit and appropriate.”

Let’s check out the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) education and examination prerequisites for getting a real estate license. Furthermore, we will look into some of the recommended Singapore-based course providers who are already delivering the RES course.

Courses for Licensed Real Estate Professionals:

The Council of Estate Agencies (CEA) has required rigorous education and exam scores from candidates for real estate specialist (RES) and property agent licenses since 2010.

All aspiring real estate brokers would do well to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations that govern the industry. Moreover, it aims to ensure that the real estate industry in Singapore is conducted with higher standards of professionalism and experience.

Since the course material covers such a wide range of issues and subtopics linked to real estate, students who are not naturally gifted intellectually may find the class monotonous and demanding.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t fret because one may always get support from others. That’s why I’m penning this letter to you right now—to give you a head start.

Course Outline and Objectives:

The “Certificate of Completion for RES course” will only be awarded to those who have completed the RES course and have a minimum attendance rate of 75%.

A Certificate of Completion from an approved RES course is required in order to register for the RES Exam.

Once you receive your RES Certificate of Completion, you have two years from the date it was awarded to take and pass the RES exam.

As of the year 2022, the CEA has approved the following institutions to provide its Best RES courses.

There are numerous RES course training facilities available to Singaporeans. This compiled list can be helpful if you are having trouble locating the RES course provider on your own. The real estate agents who have lately joined us have been quite complimentary, so I have no doubt that these services are of a high standard.

These RES course providers understand that working adults and parents have demanding schedules, so they provide a wide range of training options, including evening programs during the week, intensive weekend courses, Saturday-only workshops, and more.

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