Top 50 Office Administration Assignment Topics        

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Topics for Public Administration Projects, listed by Number

  1. A study of youth’s impact on nationwide development
  2. The causes and consequences of youth alcoholic behaviour
  3. The effect of employment processes on government parastatals
  4. Analysis of the nature of housing in Nigeria
  5. Examination of the influence of industrial relation practice on organizational productivity in the public sector
  6. The civil service’s organizational activities and the effective use of human resources material
  7. Poor management, a barrier to the development of consumer cooperatives
  8. Youth organizations’ impact on the development of the community in the Kaduna north local government area
  9. Social responsibility’s effect on organizational performance
  10. The personnel department’s impact on manpower development and training
  11. How important effective leadership is in realizing organizational goals
  12. The impact of the work environment on organizational performance
  13. Time management as a tool for higher productivity in an organization
  14. 1performance management, a new strategy for increasing the effectiveness of public sectors
  15. The Nigerian government’s management of security implications
  16. A verification of the administrative efficiency of principals in Nigerian schools
  17. Corporate governance and its impact on organizational performance
  18. In Nigeria, the economic implication of privatizing and commercialising ailing industries
  19. An investigation of the relationship between leadership styles and organisational performance
  20. An investigation of the relationship between personnel management and local government administration
  21. How the workplace affects employee productivity
  22. The effect of strategic human resource management on organizational performance
  23. How performance appraisal affects general productivity
  24. The impact of motivation in realizing organizational goals: a case study of asaba delta state’s ministry of finance
  25. The effect of taxation on the Nigerian economy
  26. Organizational climate and teaching efficiency in public secondary schools in Nigeria
  27. The effects of consumerism in the marketing of fake counterfeit drugs in Nigeria (a case study of the Onitsha drug market)
  28. The impact of demographic factors on the recruitment and retention of teachers
  29. An evaluation of the performance of women entrepreneurs in technological and non-technological development
  30. Causes, effects, and remedies of organizational conflict in Nigeria
  31. Revenue mobilisation, allocation, and fiscal commission as a tool for national integration
  32. Public relations practices of the oil and gas industry
  33. Community-based organizations’ role in delta state’s rural communities’ development
  34. The impact of marketing strategy on organizations’ productivity
  35. A survey of public relations as a tool for conflict resolution
  36. The impact of value added tax on the productivity of manufacturing organisations in the Nigerian economy 36.
  37. A study on public relations as a verifiable tool for eradication of cultism in Nigerian tertiary institutions (Ogun state polytechnic as a case study)
  38. Use of public relations as a community dispute resolution tool (a case study of offa lga)
  39. Newspaper advertising’s impact on organizational growth (a case study of Globacom Nigeria limited)
  40. A review of the public sector accounting system (a case of board of internal revenue Enugu)
  41. An evaluation of how collective bargaining affects dispute resolution in public companies is presented
  42. The repercussion of worker performance and job satisfaction in the health sector (a study of federal medical centre asaba)
  43. A study of grand hotels limited asaba on the role and importance of corporate social responsibilities in crisis management
  44. Disclosures of corporate social accounting information by Nigerian companies
  45. The impact of human resource management on organizational performance
  46. The impact of capital structure and performance on the petroleum sector
  47. The impact of the Nigerian public companies’ stock valuation on the international financial reporting standard
  48. Globalization’s impact on national security
  49. An evaluation of Nigeria’s value added tax administration’s efficiency
  50. Workers’ performance and incentive schemes in Nigeria

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