Top Car Safety Features That Your Car Must Possess

Today car driving has become safer with advanced safety features that ensure a lower risk of accidents on roads. Every car comes with different safety features, but there are some which are a must inclusion in all types of cars, be it luxury or ordinary. So, before you purchase a car, ensure it has all the necessary car safety features.

Moreover, just as you as a car owner and driver need the assurance of safety and protection, your car needs it too. At CarOrbis, you will find many such accessories to keep your car safe from any kind of dust and filth. Therefore you should always consider covering your car after parking. Purchase waterproof car covers online at CarOrbis at affordable rates and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Though you must try to purchase a car which has all the necessary safety features, some won’t have all. So to make your favourite car safer and avoid mishaps, you need to install them separately by a mechanic. CarOrbis offers your car modification accessories of genuine quality for a safer ride, which you can order from the comfort of your couch.

Top 8 Car Safety Features That Deems Necessary

Anti-lock Braking System:

This is the most crucial feature that every car offers for safety purposes. Ever wondered what happens in case of sudden brakes? There’s a tendency for wheels to get locked up. An anti-lock braking system helps your car to avoid the locking up of the car wheels and prevents it from skidding forward in case of emergency brakes. 

Automatic Emergency Braking for:

This feature ensures an automated brake system and comes with a sensor that can sense traffic that has been slowed or stopped. In any case, if the driver fails to hit the brake or slow the car as per necessity, the automated emergency braking system prevents it from any unfortunate collision.

Speed Alert:

This feature provides an alert whenever the car is driven at high speed that exceeds the limit prescribed. It helps the driver maintain an optimum speed and therefore avoid accidents that cause due by over speeding. With newer versions coming to market, an additional camera reads the speed limit signs on the road and makes you aware of it.

Tyre Pressure Inspection system:

This feature includes an electronic inspection system designed to measure your car tyre pressure. This feature warns the car driver beforehand regarding low tyre pressure and a proper guide to repair your tyres. However, both high and low tyre pressures might lead to unintended mishaps and accidents. Therefore a tyre pressure monitoring feature is a must.

Electronic Stability Control:

Electronic Stability Control is an important system that helps drivers maintains higher stability in case of sudden changes in driving conditions. It comes with a network of sensors and a computer system which inspects the whereabouts of your car from time to time. 

This included all the sub-systems like ABS, EBD, and traction control and maximised the driver’s control by modulating and manipulating the throttle and brake inputs. This feature has become quite common in today’s SUVs, Sedans and nearly all luxury cars and ensures better safety for drivers.

Parking Sensors:

The most essential and complicated driving part is attempting efficient car parking. Be it an open area or a congested car parking space, and you need to be aware of all the interruptions and collisions that might impose the threat of damage on your car. In addition, you have to be conscious of both your rear and back. 

Parking sensors with their ultrasonic proximity sensors and beming alerts when your car is about to collide or hit any object ensures safe parking. Of course, the closer you get the frequency of the alert increases. Adding a reverse camera with parking sensors can also make your parking experience safer.

Adaptive Headlights:

During car driving, it is likely for drivers to skip certain manual safety checks. Adaptive headlights help you to adopt the power of light with the condition of your road and to illuminate better in case of curves and potholes. This makes the driver more conscious. In addition, adaptive headlights make it move as the steering wheel takes a turn.


Children under the age of 12 require a particular sit-in car. So if you are a family man and have children, this is a necessary safety feature that you should look for. ISOFIX brackets affix the seat of the child tightly. This can only be used if your car has an inbuilt child safety seat. 
If your car has all these safety features then you are all set to drive to your office safely, or take your family to trip nearby. CarOrbis offers you all the car safety accessories at decent rates that won’t break your bank. They offer free shipping, easy return policies and high quality products that would invite utmost customer satisfaction. Browse their collection and add your favourite accessories to cart!

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