Unique Workout Ideas For The Adventurous Spirit

Some people are not satisfied just lifting weights or running on the treadmill. It can take something a bit more unique or challenging to motivate some of us. If you want to sweat while trying something new and creative, here are some interesting workout ideas for you!

Work your way to a black belt in karate classes. Karate has remained a popular way to workout thanks to its many physical and mental benefits. You’ll not only become flexible and strong, but disciplined and self-confident. Your muscle mass will increase when you take karate thanks to its focus on kicking and punching strength as well as your need for core strength when it comes to some of the maneuvers and balancing. Karate is a satisfying option because you are awarded and recognized for each milestone.

Indoor Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is a creative way to build strength, flexibility, and coordination as well a€s work on your problem solving skills and fast decision making. Featuring rock walls with paths of varying difficulty levels, indoor rock climbing is a safe way to work your muscles while doing something exhilarating and exciting.

Indoor rock climbing for beginners includes an expert instructor that can teach you all of the right techniques while keeping you safe and secure. At Reach Climbing, there are a variety of options when it comes to indoor rock climbing for beginners, from guided classes to easier rock walls with mats underneath to keep you safe as you test out what you’ve learned.

Kayaking and canoeing work your shoulders and core as you explore nature in a brand new way. Whether you’re racing down a rapid stream or exploring a scenic lake, you’ll find yourself never growing tired thanks to the endless wildlife to spot along the way.

If you want to get results fast, crosstraining is an intense challenge to try out. A blend of HIIT and heavy lifting, you’ll grow your muscles and increase your stamina in classes led by a certified coach. The variety of classes will keep you on your toes, whether you’re learning pull-ups on the bar or getting your one rep max for a front squat or deadlift. Crosstraining classes are often encouraging and supportive, and you’ll often find a community of other fitness freaks that you can hang out with outside of class. 

Krav Maga
Krav Maga means “contact combat.” It’s the Israel Defense Force’s official self-defense and close quarters combat system, battle-tested and street-proven. These are great skills to learn if you want to feel more confident and learn how to protect yourself in a variety of real life situations. You’ll learn how to disarm people carrying a variety of weapons while gaining faster reaction times and trusting your instincts.

Reach Climbing has Krav Maga classes that will teach you how to defend yourself with courage and quickness. Learn defensive techniques from trained experts in a safe, supportive environment.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area we recommend Reach Climbing’s rock climbing classes and other fitness offerings if you’re looking for something unique to keep you motivated!

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