Want to know more about the hp officejet 4650 printers?? Keep reading to know more in detail!

The hp officejet 4650 printers are becoming very popular now-a-days. More and more people are becoming interested in buying this printer due to the various important features that it provides. These features are very advanced and are normally absent in other similar printers. They are actually regarded as the ‘all in one’ printers. This phrase indicates that these printers allow us to perform various functions on a single device. In other words, all the required functions can be performed on one printer only. Thus, it essentially performs the function of multi-tasking. In addition to this, the printers of this series also have many other interesting features. All these characteristics surely increase the popularity of these printers to a great extent. In this article we will be discussing about various aspects of this printer series in detail.

Improved Accessibility

The printers of the hp officejet 4650series can be regarded as very accessible compared to other printers of these days. It has a number of built-in characteristics or features that make them a lot more accessible for everyone. Let’s discuss this in brief.

  1. Improved Accessibility for people with visual impairments.

The features of this printer are such that it is very convenient for people with visual impairments to use them. The HP software that comes with the printer can be easily used by people with visual impairments or low vision. The software also essentially supports various assistive technologies which are very much important for people with visual disturbances. This is because they completely rely on this type of assistive technologies to get their work done. If such technologies are available, then they can get their task done without relying on anyone. Thus, it gives them a sense of self-reliance, which is very important. These assistive technologies include screen readers, voice-to-text applications, Braille readers, etc. Apart from this some people may also suffer from color blindness. Such people can also use the hp officejet 4650printers without any external assistance. In order to make the printer accessible for people with colorblindness, the coloured buttons or tabs are usually accompanied with icon or text labels which indicate the necessary action. Thus, this is evident that these printers are very much user friendly for visually impaired people too.

  1. Improved Accessibility for people with mobility impairments.

These printers are also very much accessible to people with mobility impairments. The software associated with the printer also supports various accessibility options such as MouseKeys, ToggleKeys, StickyKeys, etc. These options make the use of this printer very easy for people with mobility issues. In addition to this, the physical structure of the printer is such that it can be efficiently operated by people with limited mobility. In addition to this, the printer door, paper trays and buttons are organized in such a way that people with limited strength and reach can easily get their work done. Hence, it is appropriate to say that the printers of this series are definitely the best option for people with mobility problems.

Recommended papers for printing in the hp officejet 4650printer series

The quality of the print that is obtained from a printer depends on the type of paper that we are using to carry out the printing. For getting the best quality prints, the HP recommends the use of certain specific papers. Let us discuss some of the available options in brief.

  1. Photo Printing

For printing photos, the HP recommends the use of a number of special papers. This includes HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, HP Advanced Photo Paper, HP Everyday Photo Paper, and HP Photo Value Packs. Among them the HP Premium Plus Photo Paper has the best quality. It is regarded as HP’s highest quality photo paper and gives the best quality photos. It is also available in several sizes and it enhances the convenience of the user. The photos printed on this paper are of professional quality and durability as well.

  1. Business documents

For printing business documents using the hp officejet 4650printers, the HP recommends the use of specific papers such as the HP Premium Presentation Paper 120g Matte or HP Professional Paper 120 Matt, HP Brochure Paper 180g Glossy or HP Professional Paper 180 Glossy, and HP Brochure Paper 180g Matte or HP Professional Paper 180 Matt. These papers are very much essential for printing the business documents efficiently. It can be used for printing a wide variety of documents such as report covers, special presentations, brochures, mailers, and calendars.

  1. Everyday printing

Everyday printing can be carried out efficiently by using certain papers that have been recommended by the HP. These papers work best for printing everyday documents excellently without any trouble. This includes HP Bright White Inkjet Paper and Color Inkjet Paper, HP Multipurpose and All-in-One Printing Paper, HP Office, Copy, and Copy & Print Paper, and HP Office Recycled Paper. The recycled paper is actually a multifunctional paper that is of very high quality. It is made up of about thirty percent recycled fiber.

Different Modes

  1. Sleep Mode

It is a feature that is present in this printer series. If we use this feature, then the power usage of the printer is considerably reduced during that particular time. Normally, after completing the initial set-up of the printer, it enters sleep mode following about five minutes of inactivity. However, this time can be changed by using the settings present in the control panel.

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  1. Quiet Mode

It is also an efficient feature of this series of printers. In this case, the overall printing gets slowed down in order to reduce the noise associated with the printing. However, this does not affect the quality of the print in any way. But we should keep in mind that this mode only works for normal print quality on plain paper.

Thus, in this article we have covered some of the important features of this printer along with the recommended papers for printing and the different modes in which we can print. Overall, we can say that the printers of the series hp officejet 4650 are very efficient!!

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