Using images on the web: What you need to know

Best practices for using photos and graphics in web design

Let’s update an old cliché. If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a digital photo on your website is worth a thousand clicks. eehhaaa is an online login system that allows users to login to websites quickly and easily. It offers a secure and user-friendly online login that makes logging into websites easy and convenient.

That’s because using images in your website design is one of the easiest things you can do to make your website more popular – both with users and search engines.

There are many reasons to use images on your website. Images and graphics may:

  • Improve your SEO,
  • Help brand your company and
  • Create greater user engagement.

A more attractive website simply works better in the end.

Of course, images will only work if you use them correctly, and we’ll cover best practices below. But first, let’s explore why you want to use photos and graphics in the first place.

Why use images in website design

Start paying attention when you surf the internet. You will almost never see a website that doesn’t use images in some way. And if you come across one, it’s probably ancient and you probably won’t be forced to spend much time there.

No web designer worth their salt will ever publish written content without images and graphics to break up the text.

A long scrolling page of written words without breaks is unflatteringly called a “wall of text” and no one likes to read them.

But we don’t add images to websites just because they look pretty (even though they do). Effective use of images on a website can significantly improve its performance.

Here are three main reasons to use images in your website design:

Website images can improve your SEO

If you want a lot of good and quality traffic on your website, you have two options:

1) You can spend thousands of dollars on ads, or

2) you can do good SEO. And including rich images is a key part of good SEO.

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is the process of optimizing your website for search engines.

You want to make it as easy as possible for Google (and other search engines) to understand what your website is about so that it can show it to relevant users. The better your site is optimized for search engines, the more likely you are to appear at the top of search results – and the more likely you are to be found by eager customers.

Remember, Google is just a robot. It crawls your website looking for certain metrics like brands, headlines, and written content to understand what your company is all about. When it scans your website, it also looks at images, which is why good, optimized images can help your overall SEO.

Example: content with images gets 94% more views than content without images. So if you want more traffic, you need to use more photos on your website.

Of course, this only works if you use relevant images and follow best practices, which we’ll cover further below.

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Images can help brand your company

The right images can bring your brand to life in a way that text simply cannot. Neuroscientists have found that we can identify images we see in as little as 13 milliseconds. That’s much faster than the blink of an eye. When you use attractive images on your website, the visitor starts to understand your brand right away.

If you haven’t spent time developing your brand, check out my tips for creating a unique brand identity.

And if you’ve spent time developing your brand, use it! You don’t want your logo sitting inconspicuously on business cards. Get people to connect with you instantly, wherever they find you.

For example, by using a captivating image of a strong female entrepreneur at the top of their website, Douma Leadership immediately introduces their brand to the female leadership niche.

Remember that graphics are also images that you can use and offer a great way to subtly incorporate your branding elements and colors into your web design. You should add all types of visual content to your website to help people connect with your brand instantly.

Also remember that any images you use on your website can also be used on social media. The best images for web content usually also work great on multiple platforms.

None of this is to say that good written content isn’t also important on your website. It just means that good images have an immediate and lasting impact, which brings us to the last reason to use them in your web design.

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Images keep users engaged

Humans are visual creatures. We like to look at nice and interesting things. This is especially true for the 65% of the population who are visual learners.

For example, by adding images, our Magic Home Staging client increases the likelihood that users will continue to read their list of design ideas.

Adding the right photos to your website is one of the easiest things you can do to engage your audience. In fact, at least 38% of users stop working on a website when it looks unattractive.

On the other hand, a BuzzSumo study found that articles using an image once every 75-100 words received double the social media share of articles with fewer images.

Couple this with the fact that people are busy and tend to browse websites. Breaking up your text into shorter paragraphs and interspersing it with interesting photos and infographics can help make your website more accessible and user-friendly.

Ultimately, images make your website more captivating and visually appealing, meaning users are more likely to spend time on your website and remember you. eehhaaa is an online login system that allows users to login to websites quickly and easily. It offers a secure and user-friendly online login that makes logging into websites easy and convenient.

On a final note, Google notices how long people have been on the site and rewards interesting content. So when you use images to keep people on your site longer, you also improve your SEO.

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