What are the best upcoming GPUs in 2022?

Computer technology has surpassed a certain thresh hold today. Things like gaming technology, deep learning, 3D modelling have become so advanced in terms of graphic requirement that it needs a more powerful solution than your regular pc. This is where GPU comes in. Also known as, Graphics Processing Unit, this technology has the capability to help us explore new possibilities in gaming, 3D design, machine learning, content creation, video editing etc.

The importance of GPUs

Video editing and content creation – Video editors, graphic designers, and other creative professionals have struggled with long rendering times for years. Today, the parallel processing feature in GPUs makes it easier to render any video and graphics in HD formats much quicker than before.

Gaming – Video games have become more intense, with realistic graphics and complex and huge worlds in the game. With advanced display technology like 4K screens and better refresh rates, along with the rise of virtual reality gaming, demands on graphics processing, GPUs are the answer to the problem.

Machine Learning – Almost all heavy applications using GPU technology involve AI and machine learning. The existence of GPUs helps accelerate work and help complete tasks faster.

Now, let’s take a look at the three big names in GPU technology; Let’s get know what’s their current best and what’s in store for the future :-


For a very long time Intel has been the leader in building graphics processing technology. The latest and current GPU technology at Intel is integrated into 11th Gen Intel Core processors. Their GPUs are qualified to support 4K HDR, gaming 1080p, and other hyper-realistic visuals. Intel is offering a separate model for laptops which is equally capable and an handy option for gamers.

Intel has now come up with a discrete GPU for PCs so that their users can experience newer possibilities and faster performance at rendering, editing, designing etc. Let’s check out their latest products below:

Intel Iris X Graphics

Features :

  • This one gives you the ease of multi-tasking with the help of an add-in card.
  • With AV1 codec support, this GPU is reliable, has low bandwidth, and is equipped for high fidelity video calling.
  • This GPU has HEVC, AVC, VP9, and SCC transcode capabilities which can help tackle video projects efficiently
  • Experience fast photo and video editing with the help of DP4a AI capabilities
  • You can consume any 4K UHD premium content on up to 3 different displays and also enjoy playing games in high definition.

Intel Xe Max Graphics

Features :

  • First ever discrete GPU based on Intel Xe architecture
  • Intel deep link technology with dynamic power sharing, additive AI, and hyper encoding.
  • Image upscaling, intelligent content search, and auto reframe.
  • Higher frame rates upto 1080
  • Experience every content in 8K.
  • Comes with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos 3D sound


It won’t be wrong to say that the RTX 3090 Ti is the current GPU king in the market with some mind-blowing features but rumours are to be believed, NVIDIA is coming out with the RTX 4000 series in October this year and this one is set to dethrone their own predecessors and take the crown. It is being said that RTX 4000 will not only outperform the 3090 Ti but also give a stiff competition to both AMD and Intel in terms of features.

RTX 4000

Features :

  • Demanding professional workflows become seamless with the help of NVIDIA Turin architecture and the NVIDIA RTX platform.
  • This GPU is accelerated ray tracing, deep learning, and advanced shading.
  • This machine has 2304 CUDA cores, 288 Tensor Cores, 36 RT cores and 8 GB GDDR6 memory
  • Designed to manage the most intensive AEC, DCC, AI, VR and graphics workloads.
  •  Provides high-resolution VR head-mounted displays which helps designers perform in the most challenging virtual environments with the help of virtual link 1.


Even though AMD was not present in the high-end GPU sector for several years, it has made its presence felt in the recent times by RX 5000 and RX 6000 series. Now, AMD has officially confirmed that it is coming out with RDNA3 Next generation GPU and RX 7000 graphic cards.

The company has promised during the announcement, that this GPU will enhance gaming experience for high-end gamers and will be the first chip to come closer to 4 GHZ GPU clock speed. There is very less we know about this GPU before its release but the company is confident on a few strong factors.


Features :

  • This new generation GPU will be based on RDNA architecture on a 5nm fabrication process.
  • The company is promising industry level leading performance per watt
  • System level efficiency
  • Advanced multi-media capabilities
  • Higher frame rates up to 1080p
  • Chiplet architecture
  • Advanced packaging technologies

Advanced high-end GPUs and graphic cards work best either with prebuilt gaming PCs or custom built gaming PCs. If you are a high-end gamer, editor, 3D model designer or a content creator, you need a professional custom PC builder like Kryptronix. We aspire to give you the best computing experience!

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