What does it mean to be given a challenge coin?

A military challenge coin is a physical token that signifies the heritage, ethos and values of the armed forces. Each branch of the military designs its own unique version of the challenge coin.

The design is based on national symbols, such as the American eagle for the U.S. military. National colors such as red, white and blue help to accentuate the significance of each element.

The obverse side of the coin presents a military salute while the reverse displays a garrison or camp with gear, weapons and supplies. The design is based on heraldry and symbolizes national power and unity.

Each branch of the U.S. military creates its own unique design to represent its history and identity. For example, the U.S. Navy’s version of the military challenge coin features an anchor along with a sailor bearing a rifle and a saber.

A pilot appears on the Air Force version while a sailor appears on the Marine Corps version. The Army uses a warrior along with staffs and boots to symbolize its battle readiness, while the staff at all branches show they train their leaders as well as combatants. Each branch also has a color scheme that distinguishes its authentic military challenge coins from those produced by other services.

A military challenge coin is an easy way to identify the personal belongings of a service member. It functions as a good luck charm that will bring positive outcomes when tossed onto railroad tracks to stop a speeding train.

Additionally, tossing one into water will produce a SPLASH! effect, indicating this coin has power- both good luck and to ward off ill fortune. When held, the presence of this token will also promote morale among service members, who will want to wear or display it for good luck and morale boosts in combat zones- just like they do with their medals.

Military officials use the challenge coin as a way to communicate doctrine, policies, and values to recruits. They use it during ceremonies to solemnly acknowledge past sacrifices made by members of the armed forces before passing it on to new recruits as an introduction to service tradition. epub readers

The newly minted service member will then hold his or her own version of the coin during basic training exercises and during garrison life. This will help connect new recruits with their heritage and encourage them to embrace their new life in the army by showing them how proud they are to wear their service uniform.

A military challenge coin represents tradition, heritage and determination among members of every branch of the U.S. armed forces- since it symbolizes good luck for soldiers, staff officers, veterans and servicemen and women alike in every corner of America.

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