What does stem mean?

STEM is actually the short form for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Thus, the acronym is utilized in order to group these different fields of academics together. This grouping is very much essential because these four fields are always regarded as advanced compared to the other fields. There is a common notion among everyone that if a student pursues any of the fields that come under the STEM, then they must be very brilliant or excellent. But this notion is not true and cannot be supported. Brilliance or intelligence cannot be entirely measured on the basis of the student’s ability to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This can be regarded as a very narrow concept. This is because each child is different and may have different talents and interests as well. Also, it is very incorrect to consider other fields as less important. Every field has its own value and the integration of all the fields is essential for the proper functioning of the society. All the fields are interdependent on each other. Thus, we can essentially say that the grouping of these fields together and denoting them by the acronym does not indicate their superiority. It has been carried out by the school, colleges and universities to indicate the curriculum choices available to the students. Thus, this characterization makes it very convenient for the students to select their field of choice or interest from various available options. This grouping also addresses the institution’s education policy also. 

It has been observed that till now there is no particular universal agreement on which subjects to include under the stem. It varies from country to country. In this article, we will be further discussing about the country-to-country variations in the STEM policy. In other words, we will look into the question ‘what does stem mean’ as per these countries.

  1. Australia

Now let us see, ‘what does stem mean’ according to Australia. The Australian educational system has stated that it is necessary to implement STEM in schools because this will ensure that all the students get to access these subjects and it will also help them to gain the necessary skills as well as knowledge that will help them to build a successful career later on in their lives. Thus, it is evident that the educational system in Australia gives considerable importance to this STEM. Their main focus is to ensure that all the students are provided with a basic foundational knowledge on these subjects, which are very much important for their academic life later on. It also ensures that the students get used to these challenging subjects which will inspire them to take up more challenging fields in the future. STEM is therefore promoted in Australia in every possible way through various programs and events.

  1. Canada

In this session, we will look into the topic ‘what does stem mean’ in Canada. Like Australia, Canada also focuses on enriching the students with the STEM principles. A large number of students in Canada study the STEM programs. Canada also organizes several programs such as SHAD. It is actually an enrichment program for high-school students who have showcased excellent performances in the academic fields. It is conducted in July every year and it mainly focuses on incorporating various fields of STEM. Thus, programs like this help in increasing the knowledge of the students by providing them detailed information regarding various concepts and are considered as very important for their academic development.

  1. China

Now, let us see, ‘what does stem mean’ in China. China also tries to promote STEM in every possible way. China believes that the incorporation of STEM into the academic fields is very much essential for the development of the country and to make it advanced and innovative. China states that in order to become the most innovative country in the world, a great priority should be given to all aspects of STEM. Without this strategy it is very much difficult to initiate proper, steady development in any sector. In order to achieve this China has already begun taking necessary initiative. They have even incorporated STEM into the curriculum of the primary schools. They are striving hard to ensure that every student becomes capable of thinking scientifically and creating new innovative concepts and ideas. However, it has been observed that in spite of their great interest in STEM ideology, they essentially lack good, capable teachers for teaching the students the STEM subjects. They surely need to find a solution to this problem. In addition to that, there should be proper training facilities for the teachers also, so that they can increase their capability.

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  1. Singapore

Here, we will discuss about , ‘what does stem mean’ in Singapore. STEM is also quite popular in Singapore. Singapore has been promoting STEM for a long time. STEM has been a part of a program called Applied Learning Programme (ALP) since 2013. At present, this program has been implemented in all the secondary schools and it has been stated that by the year 2023, all the primary schools will also be teaching this program. Thus, it can be surely regarded as a great initiative in promoting STEM. This program usually does not have any tests or examinations which the students have to face. The main motive of this program is to make the students familiar with experimentation. It allows them to learn from their experiments. Thus, it will encourage them to try out new things as well as think creatively. The lack of examination also reduces a great amount of burden and as a result will help the students to focus more on their work.

Thus, from our discussion till now, it is evident that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is very important for the development of the children and hence should be implemented in the educational institutions as early as possible. It does not mean that the other subjects are less important. All subjects are equally important and the students should be exposed to all the available options as early as possible during their student life. This will enable them to make the appropriate choice which they would like to pursue later.

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