What is dual citizenship and which counties allow a second passport? A complete guide

Dual citizenship by investment Dubai, or different citizenship, is the point at where an individual is legally Considered as a resident of at least two nations at the same time. 

Not all nations permit their residents to hold double citizenship. It is important to clearly check whether your nation licenses double citizenship before trying to obtain one.

Countries that allows dual citizenship program:


Taking into account that Cyprus showcases its own (costly) financial citizenship program, it just predict well that Cyprus permits you to keep up extra citizenships. 


Malta’s $1 million financial citizenship program permits anybody to get Maltese inside one year without surrendering their current citizenships. This goes connected at the hip with their good view on double citizenships.


Turkey permits numerous identities, however requires those getting them to give a brief of records to Turkish authorities during the process of acquiring a dual citizenship. In contrast to numerous nations, Turkey doesn’t need double nationals to utilize their Turkish identification when entering or leaving the nation.

The Benefits of Dual Citizenship 

Getting a dual citizenship is a stage towards more opportunity. Double citizenship can give you more control and autonomy, regardless of whether that implies added opportunity to travel to more nations, to live in different purviews or the opportunity to pick the way of life that you wish.

Global Mobility

 Some visas don’t permit you the advantage of heading out to any objective and can be very prohibitive. This makes travelling a mind wondering matter as movement visas would should be gotten. A second identification can offer an answer for that issue by expanding one’s versatility.


Gaining second citizenship makes the ways for a plenty of business openings, and finish up business bargains, that were generally inaccessible or rare dependent on the first identification. 

Tax Optimization 

Certain locales give profitable duty  which may end up being helpful to you and your business. Regardless of whether this incorporates double the  expense plan or capital additions, advancing your charges will permit you to deal with your cash in a better way.


Acquiring a second visa from a steady nation puts your brain very still. In case of any social, political or financial matters in one’s own nation, you keep up plan B. 

Personal satisfaction 

Depending upon which visa you obtain, you might be allowed to get education benefits and social insurance, just as a general improved way of life. 

By obtaining Dual Citizenship status, high total assets families have the way to open their maximum capacity by getting to better open doors in another nation. This implies making sure about your families future, through instruction, human services or basically a superior way of life.

How winvested can help you!

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