What Makes a Good Health Insurance Broker?

The best health insurance broker should be impartial. Their fee schedule should be transparent. They should be aware of their own bias and be able to provide you with an honest and impartial assessment of health insurance pricing. A broker’s fee schedule should be able to accurately reflect the differences between the health plans they offer and the ones that are available in the marketplace.

Knowledge of the healthcare exchanges

Good health insurance brokers are knowledgeable about the healthcare exchanges and how to get the best plans for the best prices. These exchanges are used to buy individual or family health insurance plans. An individual market plan is health insurance coverage that you purchase on your own, not through an employer or government-run program. Many people are able to qualify for premium subsidies that reduce the cost of their health insurance coverage. These subsidies are available to millions of people who do not have access to employer-sponsored health insurance plans.

Health insurance brokers can help consumers enroll in a health plan and apply for premium tax credits. They can also help qualified employers enroll in SHOP coverage. In addition, brokers can provide professional advice to consumers. The CMS provides a link to a directory of participating health insurance brokers in Federally-facilitated marketplaces.


If you want to become a health insurance broker, there are some important skills you should have. Though you do not necessarily need to have a college degree, a college diploma will make you more attractive to employers and clients. Degrees in business, marketing, economics, or finance are helpful. Most university programs last between three and four years.

Experience is the most important quality in a health insurance broker. You should not only look for years in business, but also look for a broker with experience in your industry and your size. This way, a broker will have a solid understanding of your business’ unique needs. In addition, the broker should be knowledgeable about the health insurance marketplace, since regulations and laws change often.

A health insurance broker has a unique role in the health insurance industry. They advise and educate consumers on the best health insurance plans. As a third party, they are not tied to any particular health insurance company, but work on behalf of their clients. Their knowledge and qualifications help them guide clients in making the best choice. They can also help with claim preparation.

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