What to Look for in a Supportive Sports Bra

Sports bras have one main mission: keep your breasts in place while you’re exercising! But that doesn’t mean just any sports bra will do. When looking for supportive sports bras, there are a few key things to look for to ensure you’re comfortable while running, striking a pose in yoga, or during your next HIIT workout. Here is how to find supportive sports bras that are right for you.

What to Look For in Supportive Sports Bras

Adjustable Bra Straps
Adjustable bra straps are key to supporting your breasts properly. This ensures that your straps aren’t digging into your skin or leaving your bra too loose. Pullover bras run the risk of the straps losing their elasticity over time (sometimes pretty early on), leaving you with an ill fitting sports bra that can’t be remedied.

Actual Cup Sizes
A lot of sports bras come in alpha sizes like small, medium, and large. This doesn’t allow for a very personalized sizing and can leave a lot of gaps or tight areas. You want to look for a brand that knows women come in all different shapes and sizes — and so do their breasts! Anita Active has supportive sports bras that come in cup and band sizes, allowing you to find the right size that fits you perfectly.

The Right Material
While you want your sports bra to be durable and long-lasting, you also don’t want the fabric to be too thick. You need it to be breathable and comfortable. A lightweight sports bra can make all the difference when you’re bending and moving. And you also want a sweat management system that is quick drying to avoid rashes and chafing.

What to Consider in a Sports Bra
Once you’ve found a brand that has all of the qualities you need in a comfortable and supportive sports bra, you need to choose between a few different styles to find the bra that works for you.

Compression and Encapsulation
Compression in sports bras means that you hold your breasts tightly to your body for the firm support needed during high impact activities.

Encapsulation means the sports bra separates the breasts for support and shape. The result is no uni-boob.

Both features are very important in a sports bra, especially for larger-breasted women.

Racerback vs. Over the Shoulder Straps
This decision is mainly a style and personal preference choice. Racerback sports bras have straps that are merged together, crossing in the back. Regular over the shoulder straps go straight down to the band and oftentimes have more adjustability.

Pullover vs. Back Closure
Pullover style sports bras, or tank styles usually come in alpha sizes like small, medium, large and have a less individual fit as well as less adjustability. Hook and eye back closure sports bras let you tighten or loosen the band for a more personalized fit, adding more support as the band of a sports bra is the foundation of its support. This is a great option, especially for women with larger breasts.

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