What’s Important Things You Should Know About Wood Crusher?

A wood crusher is an appliance that is generally used for crushing wood and other stalks for wood pellet plants. The appliance has a compressed structure and a simple design. Driven by one motor, the wood crusher has low clatter and steady working performance.

Unlike a wood hammer mill with crushed wood by hammer blades, a wood crusher generally grinds material by cutters and rotors. It is ideal to find one of the best wood pellet crusher manufacturers for buying the best quality products for your wood pellet plant. Let’s take a look to know some important things about wood crushers.

Features and Advantages of Wood Crusher

There are some features and benefits of a wood crusher, including:

  • Corporation structure and simple design make the wood crusher simple to clean and preserve.
  • It has a high yield and stable working performance that confirms continuous running.
  • Pulverized by both knives and rotors, the raw material has a better crushing consequence.
  • The crushed wood material is about 3-5mm and can be used for bio-pelletizing unswervingly.

Working Principle of Wood Crusher

Materials are principally cut by blades and wedged by high-speed airflow produced by the rotor at a similar time. Ground supplies with a size less than screen thickness will be squared from the screen hole, while the left larger than the screen hole will still endure in the grinding compartment and be re-crushed by blades and rotors.

Wood Crusher Applications

  • Suitable Materials: Bamboo, wood branches, couch grass, corn and sorghum stalks, wheat straw, etc.
  • Applicable Industry: The wood crusher can be used in paper creation, high-density board, fiberboard, chipboard, palatable fungi cultivation, biomass briquettes creation, bio pellets production, boiler burning, and many others.

These are some important things that you need to know about wood crushers. You can find a well-known company for buying high-quality pellet machines and wood pellet crushers in China, or elsewhere.

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