Why Do Women Buy More Clothes Than Men?

According to a recent study and research, we came across an interesting fact. The study suggests that women spend more on clothing as compared to men. This has happened in recent times because older studies revealed that men spend more on clothes. The numbers are 4.5 times more now in favor of women.

In case these surveys are a real representation of the shopping habits of people, it is a massive swing in spending statistics during the last couple of years. Figures may be interpreted in different ways and these grabbing statements can be misleading at times. However, according to some experts, there are a few things that are drawn from these studies. Women have started to take their appearance and fashion more seriously and want to invest more in it.

If both those surveys are a true representation of the population’s shopping habits, this is a huge swing in spending statistics in only 18 months. Figures can be interpreted many ways and these headline-grabbing statements can be misleading. However, from my own experience and interpretation there are several things that can be drawn from these survey results. Men are starting to take their appearance much more seriously than ever before and invest in it.

Women’s Clothes are Expensive

Women’s clothes are often more expensive than men’s clothes. If you explore the Pakistani market, you will find Pakistani girls clothes more expensive than boys’. Women’s clothes are often made of better and robust fabrics and often contain more workmanship. Everything comes in this comparison, including clothes they wear at work, clothes they wear casually, and everything else. Women’s clothes are often made of lightweight materials and require more craftsmanship. This makes their clothes more expensive. This is why you can safely say that women spend more on clothes than men since they have to buy more clothes. On the other hand, men don’t buy that many clothes and often don’t spend a lot because men’s clothes are not that expensive.

Women Love to Fill Their Wardrobe

When it comes to women, there is always a desire to fill their wardrobe with as many clothes as they can. They love buying new clothes because they always feel that their closets are short of clothes. No matter how many they have, they always feel there is room for a few more dresses. This is why you see a lot of clothes in their wardrobes. On the other hand, there is a point where men think they have enough in their wardrobes. However, women never stop when it comes to filling their wardrobes.

Women Always Want New Clothes

Apart from the desire of filling their closets with so many clothes, there is a desire to have new clothes among women. They always wish to grab as many new clothes as they can. Once they wear a dress on a certain occasion they never wish to wear it again and often want a new dress. So, yes, women do love to buy more clothes compared to men.

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